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High bills? Extra expenses at the worst time? For situations, we advise you and help you get a credit now. Apply for your loan now and you can have the money you need in your account in 15 minutes to resolve any unforeseen event that requires an immediate response.

What do I do to contract a loan now?

Anyone has had to apply for funding at some point in their life. Projects like, for example, financing a car or reforming a home, have meant and mean today also a disbursement that very few people can face with money from their pocket. For such cases, we have resorted to traditional bank loans but the problem used to be when we needed the money as soon as possible. When the breakdown of an appliance, having to travel unexpectedly or a mishap of any kind occurs without warning, we may have the need to get a loan right now and for situations like this, numerous private lenders that sell this type of financing have emerged. To solve it, it is best to know what are the best immediate credits in the market.

Making the loan application right now will not involve any kind of difficulty. Nor do they usually include small letters and the application processes usually take very few minutes. Using the financial product comparator from HelpMyCash.com, we can immediately search for the cheapest and fastest loans in the sector. In addition, they can be obtained 100% online in most cases and to request them, the normal thing is that we have to perform a process similar to this one:

  • Enter the lender’s website and enter the amount and the refund period that suits us. Instantly we will know the cost of urgent credit.
  • We will fill out a short form with our personal data so that the lender’s system pre-approves or rejects the request.
  • In the case of pre-approval, we will have to attach some basic documents that will depend on the entity.
  • After receiving the contract and once we have understood it point by point, we will only have to accept it. In a few minutes, the lender will make the transfer to the account that we have provided.

This application and concession process that we have to carry out if we want to obtain a loan right now, will depend on each lender, although usually, all of them usually include these steps.

How long do the immediate credits take to arrive?

If we want to get a loan right now, the reason will usually be that we have an emergency that we have to deal with immediately. Since the banks were not and still are not able to give a quick response to this type of request, in the great majority of cases, the private lenders become the only solution. With https://greendayonline.com/legal-options-for-payday-loan/ we can get a payday loan right now, that is, in less than 15 minutes with small amounts (usually do not exceed 1,000 euros), with few paperwork and documents and without having to explain the purpose of such financing.

However, we should know that, although it is possible to get a loan right now if we do not take into account two factors, the immediate credit that we have requested can be delayed up to a maximum of 48 hours. On the one hand, it is recommended that we make sure that we have in order the documents that they will ask us before starting the application. On the other, it is important that we know which banks the lender works with since the interbank transfers are instantaneous and if we provide an account in an entity that does not collaborate with the lender in question, the income can be delayed up to 2 days.

What is the price of hiring a loan right now?

If we hire a loan right now, we have to be aware that the cost of the product is more expensive compared to other credits. The reason is that with one of these urgent credits we pay for the immediacy service both in the processing of the application and in the transfer. Although they are personal loans, these loans are not advisable to measure them economically by the APR, since this index is annual and the term of a credit of this type is very short, as we will see below. A measure used in this sector is to calculate the cost of hiring 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days with each lender, which yields on average a figure of 33 euros of fees, or what is the same, 1.1 euros to the day (1.1% daily interest).

As we said, we can not forget the return period, because hiring a loan right now means having very little time to repay it. Most of these credits have a very short life that does not go beyond 30 days, that is, just as fast as it has to go. If we do not take it into account and we fall into default, we will carry a long sum of delay fees that will make the problem larger. For this reason, we must be sure that we can return the money within the period established before hiring one of these products.

Housing shortage in Germany: condenses the cities!

Housing Distress Compresses the cities!

Image result for housing germanyGermany is a land of poets and thinkers. Allegedly. The sentence, however, comes from the romance, but in the future, a different image blooms us: From Germany is a country of density and narrowness. Urbanization is a worldwide phenomenon. Since 2008, more than half of the world’s population lives in cities. According to United Nations forecasts, by 2050, seven out of ten people will live in cities. Where in Germany the concept of the city is somewhat bureaucratic depending on the number of inhabitants. From 100,000 citizens one speaks of large cities, from 20,000 inhabitants of middle-class cities – under it are small towns and rural communities. In Germany, the degree of urbanization is far above the global average. Germans are or will be urbanites.

The consequences of the rural exodus, whose causes could finally be tackled, are well known. Rural areas age faster than cities. They not only lose the youth, but also professionals and jobs. The infrastructure is shrinking – as well as educational and cultural offers. What is new, however, is that the cities are also affected by the imbalance, because they are now lacking living space in a dramatic way. For the first time since the postwar period, when Germany was in ruins, the experts are again talking about a housing shortage. Living has become the most important social issue of the present. Responsible for this would be – in theory, because apart from asylum bickering is hardly substantive to hear from there – the Ministry of the Interior, which also carries the terms “construction” and “home” in the name.

Who owns the city? To those who live in it – or to those who want to enter? What causes a second conflict: Where and how should one “re-compact” cities? An example of this debate is the dispute over a housing project in Munich. On posters advertising a political discussion at the end of July, the possible future of an area in the east of the city is being outlined. Munich would therefore turn into a concrete termite mound at this point. On display is an ugly, even hostile-looking skyscraper, densely populated with anonymous-looking living space under a lead-gray sky. Above it is the word “future”. In addition, however, the term “today” is an idyll under a white-blue sky to see, which consists of a lot of open field and crouched family house. And all in all reminds of the village of the Smurfs.

The real problem of the nation is housing shortage

Image result for housing shortage

Rising housing costs have far-reaching consequences: for many, they make them at risk of poverty and increase inequality in the country. Interior Minister Seehofer must finally take care of it. Comment by Thomas Öchsner more …

To the strikingly carried out on the Isar controversy over the future of the cities, which should be neither Termitenhügel nor Schlumpfdörfer, also fits the recently resolved by the Diet in Dusseldorf new building regulations. In addition, it is said that “through the changed distance area law” a “denser building” is made possible, in order to exhaust “Nachverdichtungspotenziale”. The dispute over such potential is programmed.

Cities are not villages, but also no overpopulated cairns

There are two clichés in this conflict that are of little help in resolving the problems of the future. Cities are not villages. They do not want to and can not be that. Cities are not overpopulated cairns, as they are known from apocalyptic Hollywood movies. Or from regions of the world whose megacities actually have completely different dimensions than the comparatively small cities of Germany. On the other hand, increasingly dense cities are also problematic in this country. They may create not only living space, but also the space to become ill. The medicine knows well the connection of spatial narrowness and stress following illnesses. In fact, one has to be worried: Stress is one of the World Health Organization’s biggest challenges in the 21st century. It seems fatal: those who want to answer the social question of the 21st century, living in the cities, are simultaneously fueling a source of illness in the 21st century.

There is a way out of this dilemma. In fact, a city whose land is a limited good can be densified – without having to feel cramped. Architecture, urban planning and open space planning: this is a trio of hope. Because you can plan apartments incorrectly or correctly, you can create parks or let it stay, you can design cities user-friendly or misanthropic. You can create more, much more living space in cities – and at the same time make attractive living environments.

Paris, Copenhagen, Rome, Vienna, Barcelona: these are all cities that are much more densely populated than, for example, Munich, which along its highways is almost holey provincial, sometimes appears more depressive than urban and vital. A good, high-quality density is not the problem in Germany, but the solution.

Miracle slimming products induce a ‘liberating effect’ in front of food


 Image result for slimmingIt’s cool, very cool, that’s about worrying about losing weight when your personal circumstances highlight it. When you really get it, the fact of being subtracting kilos to our existence usually implies a better health forecast , a greater personal security, the satisfaction of the objectives achieved and, for me last instance, an improvement in the image.

However, when confronting the possible solutions associated with losing weight, the people involved face a first dichotomy that forces them to make a decision. I mean the “how”. It can be done “well” , taking the appropriate measures that imply a change in the habits of life that in each case have led each one to gradually increase its weight … and it can be done “badly” , that is, using any of the very frequent and ubiquitous “slimming solutions” that are really just cosmetic devices specially designed to calm consciences and thus reaffirm the user in the confidence that something is already being done to tackle the problem of overweight. Doing “wrong” and resorting to these cosmetic devices implies, to be clearer, resort to the so-called “miracle products” (among other possible bad solutions).

However, as has been shown in numerous entries throughout the almost four years of existence of this blog, there is not one of those “miracle products” that have managed to prove per se to be effective in that of “help us lose weight” . Neither the artichoke , nor the raspberry ketone , nor the garcinia cambogia , nor the hawk’s eye , nor the slimming bracelets or earrings , nor the phaseolamin , nor the apple cider vinegar , nor the capsaicin , nor the green tea , nor the coffee of the same color , etc. … have provided conclusive evidence of being effective in these matters. Yes, I know there are many, some even that have not been touched on the blog, but I insist: none is worth. Any. For something they are called miracle products .

But there are worse news …

Image result for bad newsAnyway, the worst thing about taking any of these slimming supplements is not that they do not do anything, nor is it in the fact of leaving a paste (because on top of that they are quite expensive, and even more considering their lack of effectiveness) … the worst is that their use is, in the long run, counterproductive to the interests of people who decide in a moment to use them . And do not get me wrong, because although its “metabolic” effect does not help you lose weight, I’m not saying that from that same effect make you fat.

What does happen is that users who resort to these “solutions” obtain from their subconscious a “liberating” response that translates into a greater indulgence at the time of making those dietary choices less indicated for their purposes . Overall, ” I’m already taking care of myself with the pill … and therefore I can afford dietary excess ” would be a way to summarize the fact.

Thus, with the obtaining of that liberating sensation the users relax in the control of the ingestion because for it they have made rest in the miracle product the attainment of the programmed objectives, that is to say to lose weight . It is a subconscious, unintentional psychological consequence that could imply weight gain in the long run. Just the opposite of what is being pursued. Take paradox.

I say what I say because that is what has been highlighted in a recent study entitled The Liberating Effect on Dietary Control of Weight Loss Supplements: An Experiment in real context). The study involved 70 women between 18 and 34 years old who wanted to lose weight. Once separated into two groups, the first group was given a pill informing them that it was a placebo (that is, letting them know that what they were being given was useless or what is the same “placebo control condition known “) and those of the second were given the same pill (ie, also a placebo) but informing them that it was a true supplement for weight loss . Within the dynamics of the study, the women of both groups were informed that they were going to reward them with a free buffet lunch … and the researchers took good note of the reactions of the women of both groups to the lavish agape.

The results, which I have already told you in some way:

Women who thought they had received a supplement to lose real weight ate significantly more food and with a less healthy nutritional profile for their interests than those who knew that their pill was useless because they had previously been informed of this.

In short, the use of supplements to lose weight, any, in addition to not having proven to serve for nothing, serves for the people who use them to deposit confidence in the product they take to lose weight. Therefore, they increase the likelihood of eating more or worse (total … they already have their shield against the kilos gain … they must think) delaying in time the real solutions that would lead them to lose the extra kilos.

Things you should know before taking a supplement to lose weight

Image result for things you should know

Yes, I know that the date is propitious. With the Christmas festivities on top and the good intentions just around the corner, it is very likely that not a few people are planning that long-awaited weight loss, with their great strategies and plans, their dietetic menus … as it is probable that many are also tempted to use a “help” in the form of a supplement . But do supplements really help, per se, to lose weight? The answer, you already know me, is that it depends.

I guess it ‘s easy to believe that the operation or not depends on the one you choose … what if artichoke , what if pepper (yes, I know, capsicum is more rolled and gives better stickiness), than if Jewish (come … phaseolamina mola more), if green coffee (if we put chlorogenic acid sounds more serious, but only sounds), if African mango , if Garcinia cambogia , yes … and so on. But no. It is going to be that no, since the extra “help” does not depend on the nature or “active principle”. Do you know why? Because none has proven to work as you expect it to work . For something called miracle products, because they need believers.

Then, there will be those who think that this operation will depend on the manufacturer that produces them ( laboratory for marketing technicians): that if I do not know how many quality controls, that if obtained only from organic crops or organic farming, that if produced in Germany or Japan, which is more or less “natural” … and others for goods. I already feel disappointed, but it will be that either, the “help” in question is not going to depend on the supposed excellence in its manufacture, since, as I said in the previous paragraph, none works even though the procedure of its elaboration has with the maximum guarantees. And, no, it does not depend on the price either . Since none works, cheaper or more expensive is not the key either. Tip: if you still decide to use one, my recommendation is to be the cheapest one. The effect, believe me, will be the same (none), but at least you will have lost less money.

So, what does it depend on?

Image result for depends on?Basically, hold on to the chair, that they are intentionally adulterated with undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients that, oh, coincidence! these ingredients do have a more or less proven evidence behind them as coadjuvants of weight loss. Surely more than one will do the usual obvious questions:

Why do they put them? I suppose that because some supplement producers know that their products do not do anything in reference to the utility of their commercialization, the thinning, because they put substances that “yes they do”. Thus the customer is sure to be “satisfied” and also give a review to the competition.

Why do not they declare them? Because they are prohibited. It is usually treated with substances with pharmacological activity that are used (or not) in some medicines. As the category of product we are talking about is that of “supplements or food supplements” these substances are prohibited in such products. To make matters worse , some of these substances are also banned even as medicines .


So , the authentic drugs that contain those substances prohibited in some supplements, could offer that extra “help”? Return to the same answer as before: it depends. Today dozens of compounds are known that either through a physiological mechanism or another can help to lose weight , and that effect is something good and desirable … but at the same time also tend to have other effects that are bad and undesirable. The downside is that these negative side effects are usually unacceptable and, currently and for these reasons there is only one active ingredient legally accepted in Spain for the treatment of obesity , and it is orlistat . That also, for what interests us, the weight loss, is not especially effective.

Curiously, orlistat is not the active principle with which dietary supplements are often adulterated. This is usually used much more dangerous drugs that usually interfere with the nervous system.

I tell you all this, because a few months ago and again, the US Food and Drug Administration again highlighted the presence in the market of slimming supplements adulterated with sibutramine (an active principle that was legally included in some anti-obesity drugs and that today is withdrawn) and with substances with a black history as dimethylammylamine . Maybe now many wonder, then …

Can this be happening in Spain with our slimming supplements? With sincerity, I do not know. The most “funny” of the matter is that as the controls are made to these products by the administration, they are not half as demanding as the drugs, no one could assure it. And be aware that previously in Spain there have already been similar cases .

So, I think the conclusion is quite clear. No dietary supplement has been shown to work as expected to work; at the same time the controls to which they are subjected are scarce; and in addition there is a certain probability that they are adulterated with dangerous substances (especially if it is not known that they are there being able to interact with real drugs).

I really do not know where the benefit of risking taking any slimming supplement, let alone buying it, can be.

Green coffee to lose weight: as unlikely as dogs of that color


Green coffee Biocol

Forget the pink, Louis Armstrong … it is with the color green when we see everything much better. As a child, the evaluations you received from the school came in the form of colors and green meant the best , the “10”; a traffic light in green is an open door, a continue please , a forward, something positive; the ecological theme is related to the green, purity, nature … So, green = good vibes ; and coffees and green teas because what am I going to tell you about (of the tea I’ll take care of in another post)

What is green coffee?

According to the Spanish Coffee Federation , green coffee is the fruit of the coffee tree that, not having finished ripening, lacks mucilage and has a green pulp. However, depending on who is consulted, the answers may be different and varied. For example, for some green coffee is any coffee bean that has not been roasted; for others it is what is known as ” parchment coffee “, that is, the fruit of the coffee tree (endosperm) wrapped in its light endocarp, and so on. I do not know if in the particular world of gili-dietary supplements for “green coffee” it will be understood otherwise. In any case, the so-called slimming benefits of the so-called “green coffee” are often made to rest in a family of compounds in particular, chlorogenic acids . Thus, there are many manufacturers who have obtained and registered their own formulas of these acids extracted from coffee and have postulated it as a substance with powerful slimming effects. And they have their scientific studies and everything in which, oh surprise-who was going to tell us! the results are spectacular. With these results and as it would not fit otherwise, fabulous promises are made in its sale and promotion . You have an example of what I tell you in the Svetol®

But does green coffee lose weight or not?

The possible serious answers are three, choose the one you want:

  • Do not;
  • A little;
  • It is not known .

There has not yet been a serious study that has been able to highlight this effect in a clear, uncontroversial way. And then who says that green coffee is slimming? Well the usual in each case, only those who market, distribute or manufacture, that is, all those people engaged in rip off all those who make their eyes chiribitas when they hear about an easy remedy, a shortcut, which I approached them for a few euros (or not so few) an elusive solution. Only wonders speak of him who want to deceive those who allow themselves to be deceived . And of both groups of people, sadly, there is a large group.

Do you have any proof of what you say?

You are right. On the one hand, there are the “prestigious scientific studies” in which the green coffee or its extract is victorious and, on the other hand (and this is the important part, mainly because it should be the definitive one) are the opinions of the EFSA regarding its usefulness, and what can and can not be said about its properties at the time of selling it. Of the first, you have this other in which the use of green coffee comes “victorious.” However, in a review and meta-analysis study (apparently conflict-free) in order to verify the evidence attributed to the green coffee extract for weight loss: The Use of Green Coffee Extract as a Weight Loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials , it is concluded that:

The randomized clinical trials conducted to date seem to indicate that the intake of green coffee extract can promote weight loss . However, there are several warnings. The magnitude of its effect is scarce and its clinical relevance uncertain . More rigorous trials with longer duration are needed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this green coffee extract as a weight loss supplement.


With regard to the opinion of the European Safety Authority (EFSA), this has been consulted at least on a couple of occasions the role of green coffee extract in weight loss. In one of them the applicant withdrew the query (withdrawn) before the panel of experts responded (in other words, they backed out). In the other consultation the panel ended up pronouncing and said that nones :

A cause and effect relationship between the consumption of chlorogenic acid and maintenance or facilitating reaching a healthy weight is not established.

The actual situation

Green coffee capsules Something must escape me from the current sales framework of all these dietetic products. I explain. The other day, making time, I spent about half an hour in the halls of “herbodietética” of a well-known department store . The experience was rare, like that unpleasant sensation that emptiness calls you when you peek into an unfathomable precipice … But what happens … what escapes me? Why, if there is an EFSA positioning on the matter, do all these products lie more than they talk ? And I do not mean green coffee alone, but the whole bunch of miracle products, ridiculous, on which EFSA has already issued an opinion. As far as I know, if the EFSA says that something is not proven, even if it has not manifested itself in any way about its effect … it is forbidden to announce it with that unproven effect . So, what about the green coffee , the guarana , the raspberry ketone , the pepper , the bean extract , the apple vinegar , and the bible in verse that are publicized and sold without shame as effective against kilos the rest?

Am I getting confused when making a reading of the circumstances and for some reason that escapes me, in the end, all these products can be sold with these allegations? Can any grateful reader please, the CEUCCU … or the very AECOSAN get me out of my error?

Loans to SMEs, requirements to obtain financing

Image result for sme loan

Almost all the companies in our country are SMEs (small and medium enterprises with between 0 and 249 employees), representing more than 99% of the Spanish business fabric (99.88% according to the latest report by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, which represents a figure of 3,110,522 companies).

All these SMEs need loans and credits to develop or start their activity. We see, however, that due to the problems that the financial process has gone through, companies have serious difficulties in finding financing (through loans and loans for SMEs) due to the increasingly stringent requirements established by banks.

These difficulties of granting loans to SMEs by the banks have meant at the same time a worsening of the financial situation at the state level, since one of the economic engines of the country is based on the development of the economic activity carried out by These small and medium businesses. It is not logical therefore, that “the tap is closed” to this type of companies since in a situation like the current one, they are really important to reactivate the economy of the country.

Where does the problem come from?

This situation is mainly due to the lack of liquidity of banks, which despite showing a slight improvement thanks to public aid received by banks in our country – up to 40,000 million euros – have not yet been It has returned to the predisposition of granting loans and loans that were granted before the financial crisis that arose as a result of 2008. There is therefore a long way to go before accessing loans with the conditions they had before this crisis. In this post we tell you both the fundamental differences between loans and loans for SMEs and the general requirements to take into account when approving a loan or loan for SMEs.


What are loans and loans for SMEs?

Often we tend to confuse both concepts, so in this post we want to clarify the concept of each of them and the differences between them.

 Image result for sme loan

SME loans

When we talk about loans for SMEs, we refer to an amount of money that has a limit previously set and that is available to the customer at all times. This means that the customer is not given the total amount fixed, but will be making use of it according to the needs they have, without having to access the total in a mandatory manner. Thus, the entity will make partial deliveries to the client as it requests them. In this way, the client will only pay interest on the amount actually used and not on the entire amount that the entity has granted.

These credits for SMEs are granted for a term, and can be renewed or extended when they are completed.


Loans for SMEs

As for loans for SMEs, they are those financial operations for which banks grant a fixed amount at the beginning of the operation. The condition imposed by the bank for the granting of the loan to SMEs is that the borrower returns the amount together with the agreed interest. This means that the operation has a previously determined life and that the interest is charged from the total loan to SMEs.

Both operations fall within the Spanish private financing, and as we can imagine, have high interest rates. It is for this reason that many companies already access financial alternatives such as Crowdlending.


Loans for SMEs, requirements to get them

Loans for SMEs, requirements to get them

Once the main differences of credits and loans are known, what are the requirements?


Business plan

One of the most important requirements for loans to SMEs is to have a good business plan detailing all the characteristics of their activity and future forecasts. Many of those who request private financing for entrepreneurs usually resort to the realization of a business plan through the famous Canvas model. It is also important to be clear, before applying for financing, if the business activity to be developed can have an outlet and is necessary in the area and markets in which the company is going to move. That is, the viability of the project within the sector.


Purpose of credit for SMEs

One of the requirements for loans to SMEs is to clearly justify what the requested financing will be used for, since if the purpose of the private financing is not clearly specified, it may be that the credit for SMEs falls not be granted.



Another requirement for loans to SMEs that are taken into account to grant a loan is the experience of the manager of the company or the project. Obviously, the companies whose managers have no experience will not be considered equal to the companies whose managers have a lot of experience in the sector of activity of the company in question. Therefore, to apply for SME loans with greater security, we must reconsider the path that is taken in the sector.


Requirements for Loans for SMEs in the Crowdlending

Requirements for Loans for SMEs in the Crowdlending

In the case of MytripleA as a Crowdlending platform for companies, the company must verify a minimum of requirements to obtain the loan for SMEs through the platform. These are:


Have positive own funds

This means that the company that requests financing through the MytripleA participatory financing platform must have its own funds (corresponding to the company’s liability), which are constituted through the contributions of partners (social capital) and own profits or losses generated during each year.


To exercise its activity in Spain

MytripleA only finances projects whose activity is carried out in Spanish territory. Once the request for the project that seeks alternative financing has been received, it will be studied by our risk department to know the viability or otherwise of the project to be financed.


Do not present payment incidents

What does this mean? When we talk about payment incidences we may come to mind the credits or loans that are maintained with, for example, certain financial entities. Farther from reality, what MytripleA is studying is whether the project to be financed has met its obligations and keeps up with the payments it has to make, thus greatly reducing the percentage of default for the project’s investors.

Discover the loans with ASNEF that are available in hours


  • Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF?
  • What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF?
  • Do you know what loans with ASNEF you can request?
  • How do I know if my data is registered in ASNEF?
  • Get mini credits with ASNEF online safely
  • Do you know the differences between ASNEF, RAI and Equifax?
  • Can I get loans with ASNEF and without payroll?
  • How to accelerate the granting of a loan with ASNEF?
  • The mini-credit application forms with ASNEF
  • Documents to obtain a loan with ASNEF
  • How to repay loans with ASNEF?
  • What happens if I do not pay the credit?
  • What is a lack of credit with ASNEF?
  • What is an extension in loans with ASNEF?
  • FAQ: Questions about the credits with ASNEF

Nowadays it is possible to obtain credits appearing in default files . There are some entities that grant loans with ASNEF to consumers with this profile . Therefore, we can choose between different financing products according to the amount we want and the urgency with which we need cash. However, not in all cases the entity will approve our request if we appear in a file of defaulters. Aspects like the origin of the debt or the amount that appears next to our name will influence that we have the money in our account.

The loan market with ASNEF

Laurent Amar, CEO of HelpMyCash.com, resolves the doubt of one of our users about whether he can get a loan while at ASNEF. In addition, he explains that the basic conditions for obtaining loans while at ASNEF is that the debt is not of financial origin and that its amount is not too high.


Being in ASNEF reduces our range of options for obtaining loans, so finding the financing we seek may seem impossible to us. However, some private credit entities do accept certain requests from people who appear registered in a file of defaulters since they do not consider that being in ASNEF is synonymous of not being able to face the payments.

Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF?

Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF?

Although there are lenders in the market that grant loans to people who appear in a file of defaulters, not all the reasons for which we are registered in ASNEF are valid. The reason why an entity is going to approve or not our request will depend on the origin of our debt and its amount. Therefore, to access mini credits with ASNEF, we must meet the following requirements:

The debt can not exceed the maximum amount established by the entity

The debt can not exceed the maximum amount established by the entity

  • Each private credit company has a maximum amount of debt established above which it does not grant financing. This figure may vary depending on the entity we go to. However, the most common is that it ronde the 200 euros. However, there are lenders in which this number can reach 200 euros.

  • In the case of loans with ASNEF with mortgage guarantee, this limit may not exist. The main reason is that the guarantee of payment that we are providing (that is, the property), has a value significantly higher than any debt.

The debt can not come from defaults to banking entities

The debt can not come from defaults to banking entities

  • The entities that grant unsecured loans to people in ASNEF will ask us that the origin of the debt for which we appear in the defaults database is not financial. This means that we can not ask for this type of financing if our debt comes from the non-payment of the installments of a loan, a mortgage or to delay us with the reimbursement of the deferred payments of a credit card.

  • The most common debts that lenders usually accept are those contracted with supply entities such as electricity, gas, Internet, telephony, etc.

The debt for which we were enrolled in these files must meet these last two conditions so that it does not constitute an impediment when hiring mini loans with ASNEF. If not, the entities may deny our request because they consider that they assume too much risk of not recovering the money.

What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF?

What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF?

In addition to the reasons why we appear in a file of defaulters, the entity will ask us to comply with other requirements. Loans with fast ASNEFs will ask us to comply with the general conditions for requesting financing, as would happen with any other financial product. Next we show which are:

  • Have adequate income. In order for our application to be approved we must have income such as a payroll or a pension that allows us to face the repayment of the installments without problems. It does not serve any type of remuneration. It must be regular, sufficient and demonstrable so as not to have problems when accessing financing.

  • Be of age. The financial products offered in Spain are only accessible by people of legal age. In addition, many loan companies with ASNEF will require that we be over 21 or 25 years old . Therefore, we must take into account this condition at the time of deciding by a lender or another.

  • Reside in national territory. This requirement is due to the fact that the products offered by these lenders are regulated by Spanish laws and are subject to the conditions of the national market. We can not get funding if we live in another country.

Fulfilling these general conditions together with those mentioned in the previous section, we will not have any problem in accessing the credits with ASNEF that we want. In order to obtain loans with a higher ASNEF, we can only apply for them through a guarantee or guarantee. Although we must bear in mind that this would mean that, in case we can not meet the payment, we should respond with the good placed as collateral to pay the debt.

Do you know what loans with ASNEF you can request?

Being in ASNEF significantly reduces our range of possibilities to obtain financing. However, although we can not go to banks, we can go to certain private equity entities that offer different types of loans with ASNEF without endorsement . Next, two types of credits with ASNEF to which we can go:

Minicréditos with ASNEF

These products offer us a cash injection of up to 300 euros on our first request and in a matter of minutes. If we have already requested a mini-credit with ASNEF beforehand and have returned it within the agreed period, there are companies that will allow us to ask for up to 500 euros. The price of this financing is around 1.1% daily and its return is usually made in a single installment within a period of 30 days. Its concession speed is around 15 minutes, since its objective is to offer fast money to its customers.

Quick loans of greater amount

Quick loans of greater amount

These are credits with which we can get from 50 and up to 5,000 euros in minutes and without importing ASNEF. These types of credits are designed to be able to obtain fast money and be able to reimburse it in monthly installments of between 3 and 36 months , since the amount they offer is higher than that given by the mini credits with ASNEF. Your application process is completely online and its cost is around 3% per month.

Loans with guarantee

Loans with guarantee

These are loans with ASNEF that we can request for amounts greater than that offered by mini-loans with ASNEF, but in exchange we must deliver a good of value as a guarantee of payment. The most common is to find the loans with car warranty or mortgage guarantee . Its cost is around 12% APR, the maximum amount that we can access will be a maximum of 50% of the value of the guarantee and its repayment period will be between 12 months and 10 years, depending on the amount.

The guarantee that we will provide to the lender in the loans with ASNEF and without property will be our income and the financial stability with which we have. Our economic stability will help the entity to know that we will be able to face the reimbursement of the installments without problems.

How do I know if my data is registered in ASNEF?

ATTENTION There are many companies that pass themselves through the ASNEF consultation website. These companies will charge us for checking our situation or they will ask us to call a payment phone number. At no time should we send money in advance.

If we believe that we appear in a file of defaulters and we want to leave doubts, there are several options to know if our data are registered in ASNEF:

  • With notification. The most direct and fastest way is to go to the Equifax web portal and enter your ID and the reference number that appears in the notification sent to us when you sign up in your database. We will access the information instantly and we will know the amount, the registration date and the company to which we owe the money.

  • Without notice. In the event that we have lost the letter with which we were informed of our entry into the delinquency database, we will have to make the inquiry through traditional or electronic mail indicating our personal and contact information. This process will take more time, since it requires ASNEF to review and verify our identity.

In accordance with Royal Decree 1332/1994, of October 29, regulating the processing of personal data, the file manager must answer us within a maximum period of 30 days from the dispatch of our request for information, although They usually do not take more than a week.

Get mini credits with ASNEF online safely

Get mini credits with ASNEF online safely

Most of the financial companies that grant loans with ASNEF online are reliable and legitimately provide their services. However, in the credits with online ASNEF there are fraudulent companies that take advantage of the need of others to try to deceive us. Taking into account several recommendations will help us detect if the company to which we are requesting credit with ASNEF is safe:

Loan companies with ASNEF can NOT require a prior payment

Loan companies with ASNEF can NOT require a prior payment

The interest and commissions that apply to us when requesting credits with ASNEF will be paid from the first installment, once the requested capital has been deposited and we have initiated the reimbursement process. The legitimate lenders will never ask us for money in advance. If we find a petition like this, we are before an illegitimate lender and we must pause the request immediately and never send money in advance.

Private equity companies can NOT remove us from a list of defaulters

If we are registered in one of these files, it is one of the most common deceptions. We must know that leaving ASNEF is free and we can only do it by making effective the debt with the company that included us in the file. We must doubt any supposed lender that offers to leave ASNEF in exchange for some costs, since it is a hoax.

Check that the website is safe

Check that the website is safe

Our own impression on the lender’s website can be a great indicator of its reliability. In addition, there are a number of checks that can help us know if we are dealing with a legitimate online lending company. Checking that the URL of your website starts with https and that a green padlock appears in the browser bar, we will know that the page meets the security requirements in data processing.

If we have any doubt or suspicion, the best option will be to stop the processing before signing the contract. Another alternative is to transmit your concerns through the financial forum of HelpMyCash.com , where other users can tell you about their experience with that lender or a personal finance expert will solve your doubts.

Do you know the differences between ASNEF, RAI and Equifax?

Do you know the differences between ASNEF, RAI and Equifax?

Although ASNEF is the most well-known and used default file in Spain, there are several more and it can sometimes be confusing to whom to go or know where they have registered us. We must know that there are two default files of Spain for individuals.

1. ASNEF database – Equifax. The main database of debts is that of the National Association of Financing Entities (ASNEF), which is managed by the Equifax company. This means that ASNEF is only the owner of the data and that Equifax is the company that is responsible for accessing the information when requested by the partner entities.

2. Experian-Badexcug database. It is the second database in terms of the number of people registered in our country. In this case, Experian is the manager that manages this data. So, Badexcug is the one who has the data and Experian who manages it, they are not two separate files.

3. RAI data file. On the other hand, RAI (Register of Unpaid Acceptances) is a list of defaults where legal persons are collected , that is, companies and SMEs that have some debt, not individuals. In this way, we as individuals can not be included in RAI, although if we have a company this could be registered if we have any debt. So, if it is included in RAI, we can get personal loans, but we probably can not get business loans.

These are the different files of rickety that exist in Spain and the characteristics that each of them has. With the information in this section we can already know who to go to if we believe we appear in any of them.

Can I get loans with ASNEF and without payroll?

Yes. Not having a payroll is no longer an inconvenience to obtain loans with ASNEF. To access loans with ASNEF without mortgage guarantee, we must comply, in addition to the specific conditions regarding non-payment and the general requirements, with the characteristics that the lenders consider valid for our income. Our remuneration should be as follows:

These three conditions that have to meet our income are essential to access the credit we seek, as they will be our guarantee of payment. The payroll is the proof that has better consideration, although we can deliver the quarterly VAT return if we are self-employed or a pension income in case of retired pensioners.

How to accelerate the granting of a loan with ASNEF?

The loans with ASNEF and payroll are characterized by their speed because we can obtain them in a very short period of time, being able to get them in less than 15 minutes. However, in the process there are several factors that influence the speed of processing our application that may cause this time to be extended to two business days. Therefore, when choosing a mini-credit institution with ASNEF, we must have an account in our bank. In this way, we will obtain the money to obtain the money in just a few minutes. In the following free guide we explain everything about how to expedite the granting of your loans:

The mini-credits are not banks, so they use accounts in several banks to transfer the money to their customers . However, they do not have accounts in all banks in Spain, so if they make the transfer between different entities, the money will take longer to arrive.

The mini-credit application forms with ASNEF

The mini-credit application forms with ASNEF

The application forms of the mini credits with ASNEF will serve to formalize the request of the financing and so that the entity can analyze our profile and decide if it is valid to lend us the money to ask us.

Although each credit institution with ASNEF will ask us for the data they consider necessary to carry out the evaluation of our profile, the information that they will usually ask us will be of a personal and economic nature : name, surnames, ID or NIE, contact information, labor data and financial.

With these data the loan company with ASNEF will make a brief analysis of our profile with those who will certify that we fulfill the requirements for the credit to be approved and notify us in a few minutes from the delivery of the form.

Documents to obtain a loan with ASNEF

Documents to obtain a loan with ASNEF

To apply for personal loans with ASNEF we will have to provide a minimum documentation to the credit company. These documents will serve the lender to analyze and confirm our data as well as the viability regarding the credit reimbursement. In general, the entity will request the following documentation:

  • An identity document: with this document we will prove that we reside in Spain permanently and that we are of legal age. The delivery must be in color and on both sides.

  • A bank statement: with this document we will provide two types of information to the lender. The first is that we are holders of a bank account. The second is a summary of our income, our monthly expenses and the savings capacity we have.

  • A proof of income : the entities that offer loans with ASNEF require that we provide them with a document that informs about the origin and volume of our remuneration. To justify it, we can use the payroll or pension, as well as the income tax declaration or VAT if we are self-employed.

Usually with the loans with ASNEF we will have to send the documentation through the Internet, attached with the application form or through online verification applications. The form of sending the documentation will depend on the conditions requested by the entity and will be detailed in the application process.

How to repay loans with ASNEF?

The way of payment of the loans with ASNEF depends directly on the type of credit that we have requested and on the options that the entity to which we have gone will raise . These are the main methods of payment that we can choose:

  • With the debit card: it is an increasingly common option in mini loans with ASNEF. Basically the refund of the credits with ASNEF will be made as if it were an online purchase. From the website of the lender we can choose the option of payment by card, where we will detail the amount to be paid and we must enter the data of the card to make the payment.

  • By means of a bank transfer: another way of reimbursement is by sending money from our own current account to which the lender provides us and it is very common in the payment of mini-credits. To do so we can go to our bank office or through online banking from any device with Internet. In the case of loans with higher ASNEF, it can be uncomfortable, having to go to the bank monthly to make the transfer.

  • By entering the money in a window or cashier: we can also reimburse the loans with ASNEF through an income from a window of our bank or from an ATM. This process can be more tedious if it is a credit that has a longer term, because we will have to return to the branch to make the monthly income, so it is more useful to pay the mini-credits.

  • Domiciliating the position: it is the most frequent and comfortable way to reimburse credits with ASNEF of greater amount. The fact that we have to pay the loan installments in the form of several monthly installments makes it more convenient to give the lender our account number and that it is charged through our bank. However, it is important that we always have liquidity in the account on the day of collection, otherwise we could end up with a bank overdraft.

The loans with ASNEF of greater amount are paid in several installments, unlike the single payment of the minicréditos. Direct debit is usually the most used method because of its greater convenience, which will allow us to make payments without having to go to a bank branch.

What happens if I do not pay the credit?

What happens if I do not pay the credit?

When we contract a loan with ASNEF or without it, we are committing to return the borrowed money together with certain interests on an agreed date. In the event that we do not do so, the entity will apply a protocol to the non-payment that will be detailed in the contract:

  • Interest on arrears, which are considerably higher than the common interests of the loan itself with ASNEF and which, in addition, add to them. These interests will be generated during the time that our non-payment lasts.

  • Claims commission for debit position: the loan entity with ASNEF will charge this commission due to the logistic expense for the management of our payment delay. The cost of this commission depends on the lender, but the most usual is 35 euros. This payment must be detailed in the loan contract, as well as interest on late payment.

  • New inscription in a file: you can include us in a list of defaulters for a new outstanding debt, which will reduce even more our options of obtaining credits with ASNEF in the future.

  • Hiring a recovery company: certain lenders resort to hiring specialized companies to recover money from defaults. These companies must inform us and show us that they work for the company that owes the debt we have.

  • Claim through the courts: in case of not paying the debt of our credit with ASNEF and having failed in the negotiations, the private equity entity could initiate a judicial process to claim our default where the judge will decide what we should do.

The best option to avoid a default is to contact the lender and inform them that we will not be able to reimburse the next installment , since the vast majority of entities are willing to negotiate a new payment plan that will allow us to meet the monthly repayments without problems.

What is a lack of credit with ASNEF?

The lack of the loans with ASNEF supposes to stop paying partially or totally the monthly installments during a period of time of one or several months during which we can not face their payment. This lack can occur both at the beginning of the life of the credit and in the middle of the term as a way to avoid a great economic effort at specific moments. There are two types of lack:

  • Total lack. No interest or capital is paid during the period we have agreed with the lender. However, interest will continue to be generated during these months. Therefore, we will increase the credit once we have the financial capacity to continue to reimburse monthly payments.

  • Partial lack In this case, only the interest generated each month is paid. Therefore, we forget the amount corresponding to capital. We will not stop taking the quota, but we will reduce it considerably. It is an advantage so that the final price of the credit increases much less in comparison to if we do not pay anything during the period of time that we request as a lack.

We must bear in mind that one is an alternative to avoid default, a way of not paying or paying less during a previously determined time that will allow us to balance our accounts and be able to face monthly payments without problems. Therefore, it is advisable only to go to it in case our financial capacity does not allow us to face the fees.

What is an extension in loans with ASNEF?

An extension is an extension of the repayment term in the credits with ASNEF. With an extension we can obtain a few extra days in order to get the money necessary to face the reimbursement and avoid default. It is always more economical to ask for an extension than not to pay, since in a default there will be accumulating interest on late payments and commissions that will significantly increase the cost of our loans without importing ASNEF . Although an extension will also generate additional interest, it will always be much cheaper than non-payment.

In the following table we can see how much a mini-credit with ASNEF will cost us if we decide to request an extension or if we incur a non-payment during the same term:

Loan € 100 to 30 days € 100 to 30 days
General interests 1% daily 1% daily
Option Extends 15 days Delay in the payment of 15 days
Interests applied after the deadline 1% daily (€ 15) 2% daily (35 euros)
Total to pay € 160 € 195

As can be seen in the table above, it is cheaper to contract an extension to make the payment of our loans with ASNEF than to stop paying a fee.

FAQ: Questions about the credits with ASNEF

FAQ: Questions about the credits with ASNEF

The personal finance experts at HelpMyCash.com have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions they receive in the forum related to credits with ASNEF. Next, we can check if these answers clarify your doubts. If not, we can make a personalized consultation in the page’s loan forum:

What is ASNEF?

What is ASNEF?

The National Association of Financial Establishments (ASNEF) is an institution that manages Equifax and unites all financial credit institutions. However, it is best known for the database that records the defaults that may have been incurred by a private individual .

Why have I been enrolled in a list of defaults?

The only reason to be registered in a file as ASNEF is to have incurred a non-payment . This can have different origins: a bill of light, water or telephone; the non-payment of a monthly payment of a loan, the payment of a mortgage or the payment of the credit card.

What do I do to get out of a delinquency file?

What do I do to get out of a delinquency file?

The best way to get out of a file of defaulters is to pay off the debt for which they have registered us . To do this we must contact the entity, settle the debt and then contact ASNEF to verify that the debt no longer exists and remove us from the list.

Should I ask for a mini-credit to leave ASNEF?

Should I ask for a mini-credit to leave ASNEF?

No. On the one hand, if we do not have the money to leave ASNEF, we will not have the money next month to pay the mini-credit with your interest and we will go back to ASNEF. On the other hand, if we do have the money to pay the mini-credit, it is best to pay ASNEF directly.

Are the credits with ASNEF more expensive?

No. The entities that offer loans with ASNEF do so as an additional advantage and not as a service for which to pay extra. These entities offer their mini-loans to all types of users and their cost will not change if we appear in ASNEF or not.

Can my data disappear from the list without paying off my debt?

Can my data disappear from the list without paying off my debt?

By law, our data may not appear in a file of defaults for a period exceeding six years . Once this period has elapsed, ASNEF will have to delete our information from its database. This does not mean that the debt disappears, only that we will not appear in this file.

Why do not they lend me if I’m in a record of defaults?

The lenders review our situation in a file of defaults as part of the analysis of our profile made to decide whether or not to grant us a loan. The fact that we already have outstanding debts means that we do not comply with the risk policies of many financial institutions, especially banking.

What credits with ASNEF do I currently have?

We can differentiate between two types of products: the minicréditos with ASNEF, with which to get up to 300 euros in 15 minutes and a term of up to 30 days, and loans with mortgage guarantee with which to get a percentage of the current value of the home that let’s put as a guarantee.

Will they give me mini credits with ASNEF and without employment?

It depends. If we have unemployment benefit, some entities that offer mini-loans with ASNEF could accept our application as valid. However, if we are unemployed and we do not have any type of benefit, we can not access the loans with ASNEF without guarantees or guarantees.

Do loans with ASNEF take me out of the lists?

Do loans with ASNEF take me out of the lists?

No The lender can not tell us that the loan will take us out of ASNEF. To get out of this file we will have to settle the debt with the creditor company. It is the responsibility of this company to notify Equifax that we have paid the amount that we had pending and that can eliminate our information from the defaults file. Therefore, a lender can not offer to take us out of ASNEF.

What is the purpose of this page regarding credits and loans with ASNEF? Getting financial products with defaults can be a very complicated task. For this reason, along these lines we offer all the necessary information on financing with outstanding debts. We will also explain what are our real options to get personal loans with ASNEF based on our profile and what we must take into account to enjoy the best conditions and avoid over-indebtedness, among many other issues.

When does the VFE come into force?

 When does the VFE come into force?

So the VFE comes into force as soon as the loan is repaid in full to the bank. Subsequently, the borrower receives a claim from the lender to pay the prepayment penalty. Only when this has been fully paid off, the loan agreement is considered dissolved. However, the bank can refuse the early repayments and thus the termination of the contract – whether the borrower this desire is guaranteed depends on the goodwill of the bank.

But if the mortgage loan is used and you need to sell your home, the bank must cancel the contract. The VFE can still grab here. The same applies if the loan amount is increased: borrowers can apply to their lender to increase the loan amount. If this application is rejected by the bank, the borrower may immediately settle the existing loan.

When the bank quits

If borrowers can no longer pay their monthly installments, the bank can terminate the loan agreement. Here many financial institutions demand a so-called “settlement damage” – a form of the VFE. According to the BGH in a case of 2013, however, the bank may not demand this damage, but only a maximum damages of 2.5 percent above the base rate.


It always makes sense to get in contact with the lender at an early stage: This clarifies whether the contract may be terminated prematurely and how high the VFE is at all. Because: Since the sum of this compensation can certainly reach a five-figure range, it is not always worthwhile to pay off the loan earlier – if necessary, the loan including the prepayment interest is more expensive.

Compensation must be paid for both mortgage lending and traditional installment credit. However, it is of course much lower in installment loans, since the terms are shorter and the loan amount is smaller. Usually, however, the VFE is agreed for long-term loans, ie for loans with a term of at least four years.

Prepayment Compensation for Real Estate Loans

 Prepayment Compensation for Real Estate Loans

Although the VFE also applies to mortgage lending – but here are slightly different rules than the normal installment loan. Because real estate loans are secured by real estate liens: The bank can thus foreclose the property if the monthly installments are no longer paid. By the way: Even with loans from KfW the prepayment penalty must be paid.


  • Arrange for special repayments
    Make sure that special unscheduled repayments have been agreed in your loan agreement. This will allow you to pay additional installments over the agreed monthly installment during the term of the contract, thereby paying off the loan amount more quickly. If these repayments are also free of charge, there are no fees for them. The prepayment penalty can therefore be circumvented through special repayments.
  • A higher repayment rate
    The higher the repayment installment, the more expensive the monthly installments. However, those who can afford this have the opportunity to agree on a shorter term and to be debt-free earlier. The repayment installment can also be subsequently increased with numerous loans.
  • Save during runtime
    If you cancel your loan after a term of ten years, the VFE does not have to pay – the fixed interest period has usually expired here. Therefore, it is worthwhile to save within the ten years to avoid follow-up financing. If sufficient capital could be invested, this can be used to pay off the remaining debt completely.

Housing will pay from 2018 records of aid to rent that were "in a drawer" worth 60 million

Image result for maría josé salvadorVALÈNCIA, 28 (EUROPA PRESS)

The Ministry of Housing, Public Works and Vertebration of the Territory has announced this Thursday will pay from 2018 the 60 million euros corresponding to records of rental aid found “hidden in a drawer without processing by instruction of the previous” consellera, la ‘popular’, Isabel Bonig. In this way, the current administration intends to give processing and resolution to all this “pufo” that he denounced in April 2016.

This has been reported by the Minister of Housing, María José Salvador, after the meeting held with the Platform for Unpaid Rent Aid to take stock of payments and new aid from the Valencian Government.

Salvador, who has been accompanied by the Director General of Housing, Rehabilitation and Urban Regeneration, Rebeca Torró, has denounced that said “aid that remained unresolved” and “hidden in boxes due to lack of budget, a totally illegal decision”, should “to have gone to the Valencian families”.

In this regard, the councilor recalled that this information “was put in the hands of the Generalitat Intervention to initiate an audit that is still open due to the complexity, quantity and volume of the more than 19,000 files we are talking about. ” In addition, it has committed to “initiate the process to resolve the cases favorably or unfavorably and pay those that correspond” in the first quarter of 2018.

On the other hand, Salvador has also announced that the debt of 280 million euros, inherited by the “mismanagement” of the previous government, is “practically liquidated”. At this point he explained that they have paid the 240 million that the previous government recognized the unpaid aid to rent, as well as the aid called 501, which, he says, recognized “nothing else to access the conselleria so that more than 7,000 families they will recover the right to collect them “, 30 million have already been paid, so only 7.6 million will be liquidated, which will be paid in the first semester of 2018.

In this way, the councilor claims to be “fulfilling the commitments” that your department acquired with these families “to make effective the right they had to collect a grant that the previous government, either left unpaid, or left without recognition.”

Salvador has reported that housing subsidies granted between 2016 and 2017 have reached a total of 18,341 assistants, compared to the 4,800 issued during the last term of the PP in the Valencian Community (2011-2015), which assumes that in two years these items have been multiplied by four.

In addition to having granted a greater number of these aids, Salvador has also reported the increase suffered by the amount of such assistance, which has gone from 15,024,254.52 euros to 25,753,502.10 euros, 10,729,247.58 euros more than in the previous year and in just two years of the Government’s term presided over by Ximo Puig.


Image result for no paymentAccording to the consellera has analyzed, the previous government “lost the opportunity” during five years of summoning aid, when calling only those corresponding to 2011 and 2015, despite the fact that the State Housing Plan was in force. But “the most surprising thing is that of the 15 million euros that the previous government granted, they did not pay a euro, they only granted the aid, but they did not pay it and it has had to be the current government who has done it”. This was because, on the one hand, “the aid of 2011, either ended up being part of the debt of 240 million or 501 aid that was not recognized by the previous government.” On the other, because the aid of 2015 “ended up paying in this legislature the current Consell”.

Finally, Salvador has also reported that with the payment of aid in the same year of its award the Ministry has managed to “recover the lost confidence of citizenship” because in just two years and “for the first time, the they summon, they resolve and they pay, without having more money, we manage better and for more people “.

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The Generalitat already pays interest on arrears for past due bank loans

Junqueras expects green light from Montoro to pass long-term debts of 100 million

Image result for junquerasThe Government of the Generalitat is pending several weeks of an authorization from the Council of Ministers to convert long-term debt short credit BBVA for about 100 million euros, as confirmed by several sources consulted.

This loan has now expired and therefore is generating default interest , much higher than that applied on a normal loan, given the impossibility of the Generalitat to face it at the time of expiration. The same sources have indicated that this is not the only credit or the only financial institution that has been found in this situation, nor will it be the last case.

The contacts between the Department of Economy of the Generalitat, which is headed by Vice President Oriol Junqueras, and the Ministry of Finance, whose head is Cristóbal Montoro, are fluid and a satisfactory solution is expected for this matter in the coming days, according to sources involved. Sources close to the Department of Economy have ruled out that this postponement in payment, despite having an economic cost, will cause additional problems of magnitude in the finances of the Generalitat.

No new long-term loans without authorization from the State Government

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The solution for this new financial burden of the Generalitat is to convert these BBVA loans that are now short-term, that is, with a maximum maturity of one year, in long-term financing. But for this it is necessary to have the formal and formal plan of the central Government. The regulations of the Autonomous Liquidity Fund (FLA), through which the State Treasury assumes since 2012 the debts of the autonomous communities that have been left without access to the markets, forces those who have accepted the mechanism, and Catalonia leads the list, not to issue new long-term loans without express authorization from the State Government.

In fact, this authorization implies practically an assumption of the debt by the Treasury. Once the green light is formalized and credit terms change, the FLA, which can only assume the long-term indebtedness of the autonomous communities of both foreign and Spanish banks, will be at the time of the new expiration. Become the owner of this new debt. The Generalitat has in the short term around 10% of its total debt, about 6,000 million over 63,500 million.

According to the sources informed on the matter, the central government argues that its current situation in functions complicates the resolution of this type of decision.

But in the meantime, once the credit goes into default, the calendar starts running. After 90 days in this situation, the banking regulations oblige the financial institution, in this case the BBVA, to make provisions, with the consequent increase in the cost of this financial operation, both for the bank and for the Catalan administration. Amen of the unrest that causes in the rest of the banking entities with which the Catalan administration maintains credit relationships.

The FLA, created by the Government in 2012, has disbursed 62,773 million euros in its three years of effectiveness, 60% of which have been earmarked for the direct payment of debt maturities and interest.

According to the latest official data, at the end of last year the FLA had in its accounts credits that Catalonia had received for 42,500 million euros, 58% of the total debt. Certainly the most voluminous figure of all the Spanish autonomous communities, but not the highest percentage. For Andalusia, the proportion was 62%, and that of Valencia, 67%, to name just two significant examples. Forecasts indicate that by the end of this 2016, the central government will already have more than 70% of Catalonia’s debt with banks and international markets.

One of the first tasks to be assumed by a new Government in Spain, now or after a possible election, will be precisely what treatment to give to these debts of the Autonomous Communities with the FLA. At the end of 2014, Montoro proposed to Mariano Rajoy to start a program of progressive eliminations of this debt, recognizing that once it is in the hands of the State, its future collection is very doubtful. Rajoy, advised by Luis de Guindos, the Minister of Economy, who feared that Brussels would welcome the measure as an outburst of fiscal indiscipline, chose to freeze the measure. In exchange, it was decided to apply a zero interest rate to the debt during the past year. Recently, the communities of Andalusia and Valencia, have claimed that removes. And it is assumed that both the PSOE and the PP will apply such measures in the next term.

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