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Housing shortage in Germany: condenses the cities!

Housing Distress Compresses the cities! Germany is a land of poets and thinkers. Allegedly. The sentence, however, comes from the romance, but in the future, a different image blooms us: From Germany is a country of density

Miracle slimming products induce a ‘liberating effect’ in front of food

     It’s cool, very cool, that’s about worrying about losing weight when your personal circumstances highlight it. When you really get it, the fact of being subtracting kilos to our existence usually implies a better health

Loans to SMEs, requirements to obtain financing

Almost all the companies in our country are SMEs (small and medium enterprises with between 0 and 249 employees), representing more than 99% of the Spanish business fabric (99.88% according to the latest report by the Ministry

Discover the loans with ASNEF that are available in hours

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW: Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF? What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF? Do you know what loans with ASNEF you can request? How

When does the VFE come into force?

So the VFE comes into force as soon as the loan is repaid in full to the bank. Subsequently, the borrower receives a claim from the lender to pay the prepayment penalty. Only when this has been