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  • Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF?
  • What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF?
  • Do you know what loans with ASNEF you can request?
  • How do I know if my data is registered in ASNEF?
  • Get mini credits with ASNEF online safely
  • Do you know the differences between ASNEF, RAI and Equifax?
  • Can I get loans with ASNEF and without payroll?
  • How to accelerate the granting of a loan with ASNEF?
  • The mini-credit application forms with ASNEF
  • Documents to obtain a loan with ASNEF
  • How to repay loans with ASNEF?
  • What happens if I do not pay the credit?
  • What is a lack of credit with ASNEF?
  • What is an extension in loans with ASNEF?
  • FAQ: Questions about the credits with ASNEF

Nowadays it is possible to obtain credits appearing in default files . There are some entities that grant loans with ASNEF to consumers with this profile . Therefore, we can choose between different financing products according to the amount we want and the urgency with which we need cash. However, not in all cases the entity will approve our request if we appear in a file of defaulters. Aspects like the origin of the debt or the amount that appears next to our name will influence that we have the money in our account.

The loan market with ASNEF

Laurent Amar, CEO of, resolves the doubt of one of our users about whether he can get a loan while at ASNEF. In addition, he explains that the basic conditions for obtaining loans while at ASNEF is that the debt is not of financial origin and that its amount is not too high.


Being in ASNEF reduces our range of options for obtaining loans, so finding the financing we seek may seem impossible to us. However, some private credit entities do accept certain requests from people who appear registered in a file of defaulters since they do not consider that being in ASNEF is synonymous of not being able to face the payments.

Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF?

Do all debts allow you to get a loan with ASNEF?

Although there are lenders in the market that grant loans to people who appear in a file of defaulters, not all the reasons for which we are registered in ASNEF are valid. The reason why an entity is going to approve or not our request will depend on the origin of our debt and its amount. Therefore, to access mini credits with ASNEF, we must meet the following requirements:

The debt can not exceed the maximum amount established by the entity

The debt can not exceed the maximum amount established by the entity

  • Each private credit company has a maximum amount of debt established above which it does not grant financing. This figure may vary depending on the entity we go to. However, the most common is that it ronde the 200 euros. However, there are lenders in which this number can reach 200 euros.

  • In the case of loans with ASNEF with mortgage guarantee, this limit may not exist. The main reason is that the guarantee of payment that we are providing (that is, the property), has a value significantly higher than any debt.

The debt can not come from defaults to banking entities

The debt can not come from defaults to banking entities

  • The entities that grant unsecured loans to people in ASNEF will ask us that the origin of the debt for which we appear in the defaults database is not financial. This means that we can not ask for this type of financing if our debt comes from the non-payment of the installments of a loan, a mortgage or to delay us with the reimbursement of the deferred payments of a credit card.

  • The most common debts that lenders usually accept are those contracted with supply entities such as electricity, gas, Internet, telephony, etc.

The debt for which we were enrolled in these files must meet these last two conditions so that it does not constitute an impediment when hiring mini loans with ASNEF. If not, the entities may deny our request because they consider that they assume too much risk of not recovering the money.

What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF?

What do they ask to get a loan with ASNEF?

In addition to the reasons why we appear in a file of defaulters, the entity will ask us to comply with other requirements. Loans with fast ASNEFs will ask us to comply with the general conditions for requesting financing, as would happen with any other financial product. Next we show which are:

  • Have adequate income. In order for our application to be approved we must have income such as a payroll or a pension that allows us to face the repayment of the installments without problems. It does not serve any type of remuneration. It must be regular, sufficient and demonstrable so as not to have problems when accessing financing.

  • Be of age. The financial products offered in Spain are only accessible by people of legal age. In addition, many loan companies with ASNEF will require that we be over 21 or 25 years old . Therefore, we must take into account this condition at the time of deciding by a lender or another.

  • Reside in national territory. This requirement is due to the fact that the products offered by these lenders are regulated by Spanish laws and are subject to the conditions of the national market. We can not get funding if we live in another country.

Fulfilling these general conditions together with those mentioned in the previous section, we will not have any problem in accessing the credits with ASNEF that we want. In order to obtain loans with a higher ASNEF, we can only apply for them through a guarantee or guarantee. Although we must bear in mind that this would mean that, in case we can not meet the payment, we should respond with the good placed as collateral to pay the debt.

Do you know what loans with ASNEF you can request?

Being in ASNEF significantly reduces our range of possibilities to obtain financing. However, although we can not go to banks, we can go to certain private equity entities that offer different types of loans with ASNEF without endorsement . Next, two types of credits with ASNEF to which we can go:

Minicréditos with ASNEF

These products offer us a cash injection of up to 300 euros on our first request and in a matter of minutes. If we have already requested a mini-credit with ASNEF beforehand and have returned it within the agreed period, there are companies that will allow us to ask for up to 500 euros. The price of this financing is around 1.1% daily and its return is usually made in a single installment within a period of 30 days. Its concession speed is around 15 minutes, since its objective is to offer fast money to its customers.

Quick loans of greater amount

Quick loans of greater amount

These are credits with which we can get from 50 and up to 5,000 euros in minutes and without importing ASNEF. These types of credits are designed to be able to obtain fast money and be able to reimburse it in monthly installments of between 3 and 36 months , since the amount they offer is higher than that given by the mini credits with ASNEF. Your application process is completely online and its cost is around 3% per month.

Loans with guarantee

Loans with guarantee

These are loans with ASNEF that we can request for amounts greater than that offered by mini-loans with ASNEF, but in exchange we must deliver a good of value as a guarantee of payment. The most common is to find the loans with car warranty or mortgage guarantee . Its cost is around 12% APR, the maximum amount that we can access will be a maximum of 50% of the value of the guarantee and its repayment period will be between 12 months and 10 years, depending on the amount.

The guarantee that we will provide to the lender in the loans with ASNEF and without property will be our income and the financial stability with which we have. Our economic stability will help the entity to know that we will be able to face the reimbursement of the installments without problems.

How do I know if my data is registered in ASNEF?

ATTENTION There are many companies that pass themselves through the ASNEF consultation website. These companies will charge us for checking our situation or they will ask us to call a payment phone number. At no time should we send money in advance.

If we believe that we appear in a file of defaulters and we want to leave doubts, there are several options to know if our data are registered in ASNEF:

  • With notification. The most direct and fastest way is to go to the Equifax web portal and enter your ID and the reference number that appears in the notification sent to us when you sign up in your database. We will access the information instantly and we will know the amount, the registration date and the company to which we owe the money.

  • Without notice. In the event that we have lost the letter with which we were informed of our entry into the delinquency database, we will have to make the inquiry through traditional or electronic mail indicating our personal and contact information. This process will take more time, since it requires ASNEF to review and verify our identity.

In accordance with Royal Decree 1332/1994, of October 29, regulating the processing of personal data, the file manager must answer us within a maximum period of 30 days from the dispatch of our request for information, although They usually do not take more than a week.

Get mini credits with ASNEF online safely

Get mini credits with ASNEF online safely

Most of the financial companies that grant loans with ASNEF online are reliable and legitimately provide their services. However, in the credits with online ASNEF there are fraudulent companies that take advantage of the need of others to try to deceive us. Taking into account several recommendations will help us detect if the company to which we are requesting credit with ASNEF is safe:

Loan companies with ASNEF can NOT require a prior payment

Loan companies with ASNEF can NOT require a prior payment

The interest and commissions that apply to us when requesting credits with ASNEF will be paid from the first installment, once the requested capital has been deposited and we have initiated the reimbursement process. The legitimate lenders will never ask us for money in advance. If we find a petition like this, we are before an illegitimate lender and we must pause the request immediately and never send money in advance.

Private equity companies can NOT remove us from a list of defaulters

If we are registered in one of these files, it is one of the most common deceptions. We must know that leaving ASNEF is free and we can only do it by making effective the debt with the company that included us in the file. We must doubt any supposed lender that offers to leave ASNEF in exchange for some costs, since it is a hoax.

Check that the website is safe

Check that the website is safe

Our own impression on the lender’s website can be a great indicator of its reliability. In addition, there are a number of checks that can help us know if we are dealing with a legitimate online lending company. Checking that the URL of your website starts with https and that a green padlock appears in the browser bar, we will know that the page meets the security requirements in data processing.

If we have any doubt or suspicion, the best option will be to stop the processing before signing the contract. Another alternative is to transmit your concerns through the financial forum of , where other users can tell you about their experience with that lender or a personal finance expert will solve your doubts.

Do you know the differences between ASNEF, RAI and Equifax?

Do you know the differences between ASNEF, RAI and Equifax?

Although ASNEF is the most well-known and used default file in Spain, there are several more and it can sometimes be confusing to whom to go or know where they have registered us. We must know that there are two default files of Spain for individuals.

1. ASNEF database – Equifax. The main database of debts is that of the National Association of Financing Entities (ASNEF), which is managed by the Equifax company. This means that ASNEF is only the owner of the data and that Equifax is the company that is responsible for accessing the information when requested by the partner entities.

2. Experian-Badexcug database. It is the second database in terms of the number of people registered in our country. In this case, Experian is the manager that manages this data. So, Badexcug is the one who has the data and Experian who manages it, they are not two separate files.

3. RAI data file. On the other hand, RAI (Register of Unpaid Acceptances) is a list of defaults where legal persons are collected , that is, companies and SMEs that have some debt, not individuals. In this way, we as individuals can not be included in RAI, although if we have a company this could be registered if we have any debt. So, if it is included in RAI, we can get personal loans, but we probably can not get business loans.

These are the different files of rickety that exist in Spain and the characteristics that each of them has. With the information in this section we can already know who to go to if we believe we appear in any of them.

Can I get loans with ASNEF and without payroll?

Yes. Not having a payroll is no longer an inconvenience to obtain loans with ASNEF. To access loans with ASNEF without mortgage guarantee, we must comply, in addition to the specific conditions regarding non-payment and the general requirements, with the characteristics that the lenders consider valid for our income. Our remuneration should be as follows:

These three conditions that have to meet our income are essential to access the credit we seek, as they will be our guarantee of payment. The payroll is the proof that has better consideration, although we can deliver the quarterly VAT return if we are self-employed or a pension income in case of retired pensioners.

How to accelerate the granting of a loan with ASNEF?

The loans with ASNEF and payroll are characterized by their speed because we can obtain them in a very short period of time, being able to get them in less than 15 minutes. However, in the process there are several factors that influence the speed of processing our application that may cause this time to be extended to two business days. Therefore, when choosing a mini-credit institution with ASNEF, we must have an account in our bank. In this way, we will obtain the money to obtain the money in just a few minutes. In the following free guide we explain everything about how to expedite the granting of your loans:

The mini-credits are not banks, so they use accounts in several banks to transfer the money to their customers . However, they do not have accounts in all banks in Spain, so if they make the transfer between different entities, the money will take longer to arrive.

The mini-credit application forms with ASNEF

The mini-credit application forms with ASNEF

The application forms of the mini credits with ASNEF will serve to formalize the request of the financing and so that the entity can analyze our profile and decide if it is valid to lend us the money to ask us.

Although each credit institution with ASNEF will ask us for the data they consider necessary to carry out the evaluation of our profile, the information that they will usually ask us will be of a personal and economic nature : name, surnames, ID or NIE, contact information, labor data and financial.

With these data the loan company with ASNEF will make a brief analysis of our profile with those who will certify that we fulfill the requirements for the credit to be approved and notify us in a few minutes from the delivery of the form.

Documents to obtain a loan with ASNEF

Documents to obtain a loan with ASNEF

To apply for personal loans with ASNEF we will have to provide a minimum documentation to the credit company. These documents will serve the lender to analyze and confirm our data as well as the viability regarding the credit reimbursement. In general, the entity will request the following documentation:

  • An identity document: with this document we will prove that we reside in Spain permanently and that we are of legal age. The delivery must be in color and on both sides.

  • A bank statement: with this document we will provide two types of information to the lender. The first is that we are holders of a bank account. The second is a summary of our income, our monthly expenses and the savings capacity we have.

  • A proof of income : the entities that offer loans with ASNEF require that we provide them with a document that informs about the origin and volume of our remuneration. To justify it, we can use the payroll or pension, as well as the income tax declaration or VAT if we are self-employed.

Usually with the loans with ASNEF we will have to send the documentation through the Internet, attached with the application form or through online verification applications. The form of sending the documentation will depend on the conditions requested by the entity and will be detailed in the application process.

How to repay loans with ASNEF?

The way of payment of the loans with ASNEF depends directly on the type of credit that we have requested and on the options that the entity to which we have gone will raise . These are the main methods of payment that we can choose:

  • With the debit card: it is an increasingly common option in mini loans with ASNEF. Basically the refund of the credits with ASNEF will be made as if it were an online purchase. From the website of the lender we can choose the option of payment by card, where we will detail the amount to be paid and we must enter the data of the card to make the payment.

  • By means of a bank transfer: another way of reimbursement is by sending money from our own current account to which the lender provides us and it is very common in the payment of mini-credits. To do so we can go to our bank office or through online banking from any device with Internet. In the case of loans with higher ASNEF, it can be uncomfortable, having to go to the bank monthly to make the transfer.

  • By entering the money in a window or cashier: we can also reimburse the loans with ASNEF through an income from a window of our bank or from an ATM. This process can be more tedious if it is a credit that has a longer term, because we will have to return to the branch to make the monthly income, so it is more useful to pay the mini-credits.

  • Domiciliating the position: it is the most frequent and comfortable way to reimburse credits with ASNEF of greater amount. The fact that we have to pay the loan installments in the form of several monthly installments makes it more convenient to give the lender our account number and that it is charged through our bank. However, it is important that we always have liquidity in the account on the day of collection, otherwise we could end up with a bank overdraft.

The loans with ASNEF of greater amount are paid in several installments, unlike the single payment of the minicréditos. Direct debit is usually the most used method because of its greater convenience, which will allow us to make payments without having to go to a bank branch.

What happens if I do not pay the credit?

What happens if I do not pay the credit?

When we contract a loan with ASNEF or without it, we are committing to return the borrowed money together with certain interests on an agreed date. In the event that we do not do so, the entity will apply a protocol to the non-payment that will be detailed in the contract:

  • Interest on arrears, which are considerably higher than the common interests of the loan itself with ASNEF and which, in addition, add to them. These interests will be generated during the time that our non-payment lasts.

  • Claims commission for debit position: the loan entity with ASNEF will charge this commission due to the logistic expense for the management of our payment delay. The cost of this commission depends on the lender, but the most usual is 35 euros. This payment must be detailed in the loan contract, as well as interest on late payment.

  • New inscription in a file: you can include us in a list of defaulters for a new outstanding debt, which will reduce even more our options of obtaining credits with ASNEF in the future.

  • Hiring a recovery company: certain lenders resort to hiring specialized companies to recover money from defaults. These companies must inform us and show us that they work for the company that owes the debt we have.

  • Claim through the courts: in case of not paying the debt of our credit with ASNEF and having failed in the negotiations, the private equity entity could initiate a judicial process to claim our default where the judge will decide what we should do.

The best option to avoid a default is to contact the lender and inform them that we will not be able to reimburse the next installment , since the vast majority of entities are willing to negotiate a new payment plan that will allow us to meet the monthly repayments without problems.

What is a lack of credit with ASNEF?

The lack of the loans with ASNEF supposes to stop paying partially or totally the monthly installments during a period of time of one or several months during which we can not face their payment. This lack can occur both at the beginning of the life of the credit and in the middle of the term as a way to avoid a great economic effort at specific moments. There are two types of lack:

  • Total lack. No interest or capital is paid during the period we have agreed with the lender. However, interest will continue to be generated during these months. Therefore, we will increase the credit once we have the financial capacity to continue to reimburse monthly payments.

  • Partial lack In this case, only the interest generated each month is paid. Therefore, we forget the amount corresponding to capital. We will not stop taking the quota, but we will reduce it considerably. It is an advantage so that the final price of the credit increases much less in comparison to if we do not pay anything during the period of time that we request as a lack.

We must bear in mind that one is an alternative to avoid default, a way of not paying or paying less during a previously determined time that will allow us to balance our accounts and be able to face monthly payments without problems. Therefore, it is advisable only to go to it in case our financial capacity does not allow us to face the fees.

What is an extension in loans with ASNEF?

An extension is an extension of the repayment term in the credits with ASNEF. With an extension we can obtain a few extra days in order to get the money necessary to face the reimbursement and avoid default. It is always more economical to ask for an extension than not to pay, since in a default there will be accumulating interest on late payments and commissions that will significantly increase the cost of our loans without importing ASNEF . Although an extension will also generate additional interest, it will always be much cheaper than non-payment.

In the following table we can see how much a mini-credit with ASNEF will cost us if we decide to request an extension or if we incur a non-payment during the same term:

Loan € 100 to 30 days € 100 to 30 days
General interests 1% daily 1% daily
Option Extends 15 days Delay in the payment of 15 days
Interests applied after the deadline 1% daily (€ 15) 2% daily (35 euros)
Total to pay € 160 € 195

As can be seen in the table above, it is cheaper to contract an extension to make the payment of our loans with ASNEF than to stop paying a fee.

FAQ: Questions about the credits with ASNEF

FAQ: Questions about the credits with ASNEF

The personal finance experts at have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions they receive in the forum related to credits with ASNEF. Next, we can check if these answers clarify your doubts. If not, we can make a personalized consultation in the page’s loan forum:

What is ASNEF?

What is ASNEF?

The National Association of Financial Establishments (ASNEF) is an institution that manages Equifax and unites all financial credit institutions. However, it is best known for the database that records the defaults that may have been incurred by a private individual .

Why have I been enrolled in a list of defaults?

The only reason to be registered in a file as ASNEF is to have incurred a non-payment . This can have different origins: a bill of light, water or telephone; the non-payment of a monthly payment of a loan, the payment of a mortgage or the payment of the credit card.

What do I do to get out of a delinquency file?

What do I do to get out of a delinquency file?

The best way to get out of a file of defaulters is to pay off the debt for which they have registered us . To do this we must contact the entity, settle the debt and then contact ASNEF to verify that the debt no longer exists and remove us from the list.

Should I ask for a mini-credit to leave ASNEF?

Should I ask for a mini-credit to leave ASNEF?

No. On the one hand, if we do not have the money to leave ASNEF, we will not have the money next month to pay the mini-credit with your interest and we will go back to ASNEF. On the other hand, if we do have the money to pay the mini-credit, it is best to pay ASNEF directly.

Are the credits with ASNEF more expensive?

No. The entities that offer loans with ASNEF do so as an additional advantage and not as a service for which to pay extra. These entities offer their mini-loans to all types of users and their cost will not change if we appear in ASNEF or not.

Can my data disappear from the list without paying off my debt?

Can my data disappear from the list without paying off my debt?

By law, our data may not appear in a file of defaults for a period exceeding six years . Once this period has elapsed, ASNEF will have to delete our information from its database. This does not mean that the debt disappears, only that we will not appear in this file.

Why do not they lend me if I’m in a record of defaults?

The lenders review our situation in a file of defaults as part of the analysis of our profile made to decide whether or not to grant us a loan. The fact that we already have outstanding debts means that we do not comply with the risk policies of many financial institutions, especially banking.

What credits with ASNEF do I currently have?

We can differentiate between two types of products: the minicréditos with ASNEF, with which to get up to 300 euros in 15 minutes and a term of up to 30 days, and loans with mortgage guarantee with which to get a percentage of the current value of the home that let’s put as a guarantee.

Will they give me mini credits with ASNEF and without employment?

It depends. If we have unemployment benefit, some entities that offer mini-loans with ASNEF could accept our application as valid. However, if we are unemployed and we do not have any type of benefit, we can not access the loans with ASNEF without guarantees or guarantees.

Do loans with ASNEF take me out of the lists?

Do loans with ASNEF take me out of the lists?

No The lender can not tell us that the loan will take us out of ASNEF. To get out of this file we will have to settle the debt with the creditor company. It is the responsibility of this company to notify Equifax that we have paid the amount that we had pending and that can eliminate our information from the defaults file. Therefore, a lender can not offer to take us out of ASNEF.

What is the purpose of this page regarding credits and loans with ASNEF? Getting financial products with defaults can be a very complicated task. For this reason, along these lines we offer all the necessary information on financing with outstanding debts. We will also explain what are our real options to get personal loans with ASNEF based on our profile and what we must take into account to enjoy the best conditions and avoid over-indebtedness, among many other issues.