Miracle slimming products induce a ‘liberating effect’ in front of food


 Image result for slimmingIt’s cool, very cool, that’s about worrying about losing weight when your personal circumstances highlight it. When you really get it, the fact of being subtracting kilos to our existence usually implies a better health forecast , a greater personal security, the satisfaction of the objectives achieved and, for me last instance, an improvement in the image.

However, when confronting the possible solutions associated with losing weight, the people involved face a first dichotomy that forces them to make a decision. I mean the “how”. It can be done “well” , taking the appropriate measures that imply a change in the habits of life that in each case have led each one to gradually increase its weight … and it can be done “badly” , that is, using any of the very frequent and ubiquitous “slimming solutions” that are really just cosmetic devices specially designed to calm consciences and thus reaffirm the user in the confidence that something is already being done to tackle the problem of overweight. Doing “wrong” and resorting to these cosmetic devices implies, to be clearer, resort to the so-called “miracle products” (among other possible bad solutions).

However, as has been shown in numerous entries throughout the almost four years of existence of this blog, there is not one of those “miracle products” that have managed to prove per se to be effective in that of “help us lose weight” . Neither the artichoke , nor the raspberry ketone , nor the garcinia cambogia , nor the hawk’s eye , nor the slimming bracelets or earrings , nor the phaseolamin , nor the apple cider vinegar , nor the capsaicin , nor the green tea , nor the coffee of the same color , etc. … have provided conclusive evidence of being effective in these matters. Yes, I know there are many, some even that have not been touched on the blog, but I insist: none is worth. Any. For something they are called miracle products .

But there are worse news …

Image result for bad newsAnyway, the worst thing about taking any of these slimming supplements is not that they do not do anything, nor is it in the fact of leaving a paste (because on top of that they are quite expensive, and even more considering their lack of effectiveness) … the worst is that their use is, in the long run, counterproductive to the interests of people who decide in a moment to use them . And do not get me wrong, because although its “metabolic” effect does not help you lose weight, I’m not saying that from that same effect make you fat.

What does happen is that users who resort to these “solutions” obtain from their subconscious a “liberating” response that translates into a greater indulgence at the time of making those dietary choices less indicated for their purposes . Overall, ” I’m already taking care of myself with the pill … and therefore I can afford dietary excess ” would be a way to summarize the fact.

Thus, with the obtaining of that liberating sensation the users relax in the control of the ingestion because for it they have made rest in the miracle product the attainment of the programmed objectives, that is to say to lose weight . It is a subconscious, unintentional psychological consequence that could imply weight gain in the long run. Just the opposite of what is being pursued. Take paradox.

I say what I say because that is what has been highlighted in a recent study entitled The Liberating Effect on Dietary Control of Weight Loss Supplements: An Experiment in real context). The study involved 70 women between 18 and 34 years old who wanted to lose weight. Once separated into two groups, the first group was given a pill informing them that it was a placebo (that is, letting them know that what they were being given was useless or what is the same “placebo control condition known “) and those of the second were given the same pill (ie, also a placebo) but informing them that it was a true supplement for weight loss . Within the dynamics of the study, the women of both groups were informed that they were going to reward them with a free buffet lunch … and the researchers took good note of the reactions of the women of both groups to the lavish agape.

The results, which I have already told you in some way:

Women who thought they had received a supplement to lose real weight ate significantly more food and with a less healthy nutritional profile for their interests than those who knew that their pill was useless because they had previously been informed of this.

In short, the use of supplements to lose weight, any, in addition to not having proven to serve for nothing, serves for the people who use them to deposit confidence in the product they take to lose weight. Therefore, they increase the likelihood of eating more or worse (total … they already have their shield against the kilos gain … they must think) delaying in time the real solutions that would lead them to lose the extra kilos.

Things you should know before taking a supplement to lose weight

Image result for things you should know

Yes, I know that the date is propitious. With the Christmas festivities on top and the good intentions just around the corner, it is very likely that not a few people are planning that long-awaited weight loss, with their great strategies and plans, their dietetic menus … as it is probable that many are also tempted to use a “help” in the form of a supplement . But do supplements really help, per se, to lose weight? The answer, you already know me, is that it depends.

I guess it ‘s easy to believe that the operation or not depends on the one you choose … what if artichoke , what if pepper (yes, I know, capsicum is more rolled and gives better stickiness), than if Jewish (come … phaseolamina mola more), if green coffee (if we put chlorogenic acid sounds more serious, but only sounds), if African mango , if Garcinia cambogia , yes … and so on. But no. It is going to be that no, since the extra “help” does not depend on the nature or “active principle”. Do you know why? Because none has proven to work as you expect it to work . For something called miracle products, because they need believers.

Then, there will be those who think that this operation will depend on the manufacturer that produces them ( laboratory for marketing technicians): that if I do not know how many quality controls, that if obtained only from organic crops or organic farming, that if produced in Germany or Japan, which is more or less “natural” … and others for goods. I already feel disappointed, but it will be that either, the “help” in question is not going to depend on the supposed excellence in its manufacture, since, as I said in the previous paragraph, none works even though the procedure of its elaboration has with the maximum guarantees. And, no, it does not depend on the price either . Since none works, cheaper or more expensive is not the key either. Tip: if you still decide to use one, my recommendation is to be the cheapest one. The effect, believe me, will be the same (none), but at least you will have lost less money.

So, what does it depend on?

Image result for depends on?Basically, hold on to the chair, that they are intentionally adulterated with undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients that, oh, coincidence! these ingredients do have a more or less proven evidence behind them as coadjuvants of weight loss. Surely more than one will do the usual obvious questions:

Why do they put them? I suppose that because some supplement producers know that their products do not do anything in reference to the utility of their commercialization, the thinning, because they put substances that “yes they do”. Thus the customer is sure to be “satisfied” and also give a review to the competition.

Why do not they declare them? Because they are prohibited. It is usually treated with substances with pharmacological activity that are used (or not) in some medicines. As the category of product we are talking about is that of “supplements or food supplements” these substances are prohibited in such products. To make matters worse , some of these substances are also banned even as medicines .


So , the authentic drugs that contain those substances prohibited in some supplements, could offer that extra “help”? Return to the same answer as before: it depends. Today dozens of compounds are known that either through a physiological mechanism or another can help to lose weight , and that effect is something good and desirable … but at the same time also tend to have other effects that are bad and undesirable. The downside is that these negative side effects are usually unacceptable and, currently and for these reasons there is only one active ingredient legally accepted in Spain for the treatment of obesity , and it is orlistat . That also, for what interests us, the weight loss, is not especially effective.

Curiously, orlistat is not the active principle with which dietary supplements are often adulterated. This is usually used much more dangerous drugs that usually interfere with the nervous system.

I tell you all this, because a few months ago and again, the US Food and Drug Administration again highlighted the presence in the market of slimming supplements adulterated with sibutramine (an active principle that was legally included in some anti-obesity drugs and that today is withdrawn) and with substances with a black history as dimethylammylamine . Maybe now many wonder, then …

Can this be happening in Spain with our slimming supplements? With sincerity, I do not know. The most “funny” of the matter is that as the controls are made to these products by the administration, they are not half as demanding as the drugs, no one could assure it. And be aware that previously in Spain there have already been similar cases .

So, I think the conclusion is quite clear. No dietary supplement has been shown to work as expected to work; at the same time the controls to which they are subjected are scarce; and in addition there is a certain probability that they are adulterated with dangerous substances (especially if it is not known that they are there being able to interact with real drugs).

I really do not know where the benefit of risking taking any slimming supplement, let alone buying it, can be.

Green coffee to lose weight: as unlikely as dogs of that color


Green coffee Biocol

Forget the pink, Louis Armstrong … it is with the color green when we see everything much better. As a child, the evaluations you received from the school came in the form of colors and green meant the best , the “10”; a traffic light in green is an open door, a continue please , a forward, something positive; the ecological theme is related to the green, purity, nature … So, green = good vibes ; and coffees and green teas because what am I going to tell you about (of the tea I’ll take care of in another post)

What is green coffee?

According to the Spanish Coffee Federation , green coffee is the fruit of the coffee tree that, not having finished ripening, lacks mucilage and has a green pulp. However, depending on who is consulted, the answers may be different and varied. For example, for some green coffee is any coffee bean that has not been roasted; for others it is what is known as ” parchment coffee “, that is, the fruit of the coffee tree (endosperm) wrapped in its light endocarp, and so on. I do not know if in the particular world of gili-dietary supplements for “green coffee” it will be understood otherwise. In any case, the so-called slimming benefits of the so-called “green coffee” are often made to rest in a family of compounds in particular, chlorogenic acids . Thus, there are many manufacturers who have obtained and registered their own formulas of these acids extracted from coffee and have postulated it as a substance with powerful slimming effects. And they have their scientific studies and everything in which, oh surprise-who was going to tell us! the results are spectacular. With these results and as it would not fit otherwise, fabulous promises are made in its sale and promotion . You have an example of what I tell you in the Svetol®

But does green coffee lose weight or not?

The possible serious answers are three, choose the one you want:

  • Do not;
  • A little;
  • It is not known .

There has not yet been a serious study that has been able to highlight this effect in a clear, uncontroversial way. And then who says that green coffee is slimming? Well the usual in each case, only those who market, distribute or manufacture, that is, all those people engaged in rip off all those who make their eyes chiribitas when they hear about an easy remedy, a shortcut, which I approached them for a few euros (or not so few) an elusive solution. Only wonders speak of him who want to deceive those who allow themselves to be deceived . And of both groups of people, sadly, there is a large group.

Do you have any proof of what you say?

You are right. On the one hand, there are the “prestigious scientific studies” in which the green coffee or its extract is victorious and, on the other hand (and this is the important part, mainly because it should be the definitive one) are the opinions of the EFSA regarding its usefulness, and what can and can not be said about its properties at the time of selling it. Of the first, you have this other in which the use of green coffee comes “victorious.” However, in a review and meta-analysis study (apparently conflict-free) in order to verify the evidence attributed to the green coffee extract for weight loss: The Use of Green Coffee Extract as a Weight Loss Supplement: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials , it is concluded that:

The randomized clinical trials conducted to date seem to indicate that the intake of green coffee extract can promote weight loss . However, there are several warnings. The magnitude of its effect is scarce and its clinical relevance uncertain . More rigorous trials with longer duration are needed to evaluate the efficacy and safety of this green coffee extract as a weight loss supplement.


With regard to the opinion of the European Safety Authority (EFSA), this has been consulted at least on a couple of occasions the role of green coffee extract in weight loss. In one of them the applicant withdrew the query (withdrawn) before the panel of experts responded (in other words, they backed out). In the other consultation the panel ended up pronouncing and said that nones :

A cause and effect relationship between the consumption of chlorogenic acid and maintenance or facilitating reaching a healthy weight is not established.

The actual situation

Green coffee capsules Something must escape me from the current sales framework of all these dietetic products. I explain. The other day, making time, I spent about half an hour in the halls of “herbodietética” of a well-known department store . The experience was rare, like that unpleasant sensation that emptiness calls you when you peek into an unfathomable precipice … But what happens … what escapes me? Why, if there is an EFSA positioning on the matter, do all these products lie more than they talk ? And I do not mean green coffee alone, but the whole bunch of miracle products, ridiculous, on which EFSA has already issued an opinion. As far as I know, if the EFSA says that something is not proven, even if it has not manifested itself in any way about its effect … it is forbidden to announce it with that unproven effect . So, what about the green coffee , the guarana , the raspberry ketone , the pepper , the bean extract , the apple vinegar , and the bible in verse that are publicized and sold without shame as effective against kilos the rest?

Am I getting confused when making a reading of the circumstances and for some reason that escapes me, in the end, all these products can be sold with these allegations? Can any grateful reader please, the CEUCCU … or the very AECOSAN get me out of my error?