Order your payday loan now and enjoy it in 15 minutes

High bills? Extra expenses at the worst time? For situations, we advise you and help you get a credit now. Apply for your loan now and you can have the money you need in your account in 15 minutes to resolve any unforeseen event that requires an immediate response.

What do I do to contract a loan now?

Anyone has had to apply for funding at some point in their life. Projects like, for example, financing a car or reforming a home, have meant and mean today also a disbursement that very few people can face with money from their pocket. For such cases, we have resorted to traditional bank loans but the problem used to be when we needed the money as soon as possible. When the breakdown of an appliance, having to travel unexpectedly or a mishap of any kind occurs without warning, we may have the need to get a loan right now and for situations like this, numerous private lenders that sell this type of financing have emerged. To solve it, it is best to know what are the best immediate credits in the market.

Making the loan application right now will not involve any kind of difficulty. Nor do they usually include small letters and the application processes usually take very few minutes. Using the financial product comparator from HelpMyCash.com, we can immediately search for the cheapest and fastest loans in the sector. In addition, they can be obtained 100% online in most cases and to request them, the normal thing is that we have to perform a process similar to this one:

  • Enter the lender’s website and enter the amount and the refund period that suits us. Instantly we will know the cost of urgent credit.
  • We will fill out a short form with our personal data so that the lender’s system pre-approves or rejects the request.
  • In the case of pre-approval, we will have to attach some basic documents that will depend on the entity.
  • After receiving the contract and once we have understood it point by point, we will only have to accept it. In a few minutes, the lender will make the transfer to the account that we have provided.

This application and concession process that we have to carry out if we want to obtain a loan right now, will depend on each lender, although usually, all of them usually include these steps.

How long do the immediate credits take to arrive?

If we want to get a loan right now, the reason will usually be that we have an emergency that we have to deal with immediately. Since the banks were not and still are not able to give a quick response to this type of request, in the great majority of cases, the private lenders become the only solution. With https://greendayonline.com/legal-options-for-payday-loan/ we can get a payday loan right now, that is, in less than 15 minutes with small amounts (usually do not exceed 1,000 euros), with few paperwork and documents and without having to explain the purpose of such financing.

However, we should know that, although it is possible to get a loan right now if we do not take into account two factors, the immediate credit that we have requested can be delayed up to a maximum of 48 hours. On the one hand, it is recommended that we make sure that we have in order the documents that they will ask us before starting the application. On the other, it is important that we know which banks the lender works with since the interbank transfers are instantaneous and if we provide an account in an entity that does not collaborate with the lender in question, the income can be delayed up to 2 days.

What is the price of hiring a loan right now?

If we hire a loan right now, we have to be aware that the cost of the product is more expensive compared to other credits. The reason is that with one of these urgent credits we pay for the immediacy service both in the processing of the application and in the transfer. Although they are personal loans, these loans are not advisable to measure them economically by the APR, since this index is annual and the term of a credit of this type is very short, as we will see below. A measure used in this sector is to calculate the cost of hiring 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days with each lender, which yields on average a figure of 33 euros of fees, or what is the same, 1.1 euros to the day (1.1% daily interest).

As we said, we can not forget the return period, because hiring a loan right now means having very little time to repay it. Most of these credits have a very short life that does not go beyond 30 days, that is, just as fast as it has to go. If we do not take it into account and we fall into default, we will carry a long sum of delay fees that will make the problem larger. For this reason, we must be sure that we can return the money within the period established before hiring one of these products.