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Thanks to available online, getting a payday loan online direct lender has become very easy. Before signing the loan, however, it is important to understand exactly what a fast and immediate loan is and how it really affects the portfolio. Make sure you have all the information before making any financial decision. An immediate and fast loan can be a good tool to quickly borrow money in an emergency if you do not have other financial options. For example, you can use a lender for an immediate and temporary financial need such as a medical bill, car repair or other expense. Fast loans are useful for people who do not have credit cards or savings available because loans do not require traditional credit checks and are therefore easy to obtain for people with financial problems. Following will be illustrated in detail what are the fast and immediate loans and how they can be obtained.

What is a Payday Loans Online Direct Lender

An immediate loan is a small loan that can be obtained for a short period of time. Most people use fast loans when they can not cover an emergency. The most common loan period is only two weeks and the loan limit is generally 500 euros or less, although some lenders can allow loans up to 1,000 euros. What attracts most people to apply for an immediate loan is that good credit is not needed to qualify.

How immediate loans work

 How immediate loans work

However, they are not a long-term solution to financial problems. If you are unable to repay the loan, you will be charged a high refinancing fee which increases each time you renew a portion of the loan amount. Even if you do not need good credit for a fast loan, you need to fill out an online or paper application in person. Once the application is approved, you can deliver to the credit institution in question, a check for the amount due pre-dated by the due date of the loan (usually your next payday). Alternatively, you can provide access to your bank account and authorize the creditor to withdraw the loan amount on the due date. If you can not pay the amount due in full, you have the option of transferring the loan to a new one. Usually, you have to pay the original fare and you will also be charged a new loan commission. It is important to communicate any changes to the terms of the original loan with the credit institution as soon as possible so as not to withdraw money from your account.

Who is eligible for a fast loan

Your credit score is not a problem when you apply for an immediate loan if you do not have any credit. There are, however, many other qualifications that you must meet to approve the loan. You will need to provide your credit institution with your social security number and your bank account details. Generally, it is not possible to obtain a loan if these basic standards are not met. You must be at least 18 years of age, although in some states you must be at least 21 years of age.

What are the pros and cons of fast and immediate loans

 What are the pros and cons of fast and immediate loans

The most obvious advantage with an immediate loan is easy to access fast cash. Sometimes you can get money on the same day if you have to use the same day, but you may have to pay an extra fee; otherwise, it takes a couple of working days, depending on the individual lender. Another advantage is that creditors do not check your credit report during the application process. You do not have to worry about your poor credit by holding back or dealing with an extra investigation that stays on your credit report for the next two years. Despite the relatively easy approval process, there are several downsides to getting a quick loan. More specifically, it is the expensive interest rate associated with them. For every 100 I was borrowed, you will be charged approximately 40 percent interest.

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Assignment of the Fifth AGOS, the Loans with the Sale Formula of the Fifth of the Salary

Agos is one of the most popular and solid financial agencies that has been operating in the private equity market for about twenty years . The people who turn to credit institutions are many and all have different needs, for this reason Agos has thought of different solutions that are able to meet many needs. Among the proposals signed by Agos is the loan with the formula of the assignment of the fifth . Thanks to this form of credit, the debtor has the possibility to repay the sum of money received (including interest) by paying 20% of the net salary monthly , which is held directly in the paycheck.

What is and how it works

What is and how it works


In order to receive a loan, with the formula of the assignment of one fifth of the salary, it is necessary to be employees (public or private) or retired . The one described above is a fundamental requirement that automatically excludes all those who do not have a permanent contract and who, therefore, can not guarantee the regularity in payment of the installment (fixed-term workers, occasional collaborators, freelancers and so on ).

Mortgages or other forms of collateral are not required for this type of loan because the salary / pension is the guarantor for the credit institution. Moreover, this type of credit is granted almost to all applicants, even to those who have had problems paying past loans and have been reported to the Crif as bad payers .

If you are thinking of borrowing a sum of money and repaying it with the assignment of a fifth of your salary or pension, you must know that it is a rather advantageous solution that allows you to have a small capital to use as a you better believe. The positive aspect of this type of financing lies in the possibility of paying the installments, provided for the repayment of the loan, completely automatically because it will be the same employer to retain the amount agreed in the payroll or the social security institution social security that will treat him from the pension bill.

Requirements to apply for an Agos loan with the formula of the assignment of the fifth

In order to be eligible and obtain a sum of money with the formula of the assignment of the fifth, certain conditions must be met.
The first, we have seen, is to have a fixed monthly income (salary / pension) from which to retain the loan installment. The second concerns the interest rate that can not be chosen by the debtor but is set by default and is always fixed .

The third concerns, instead, the maximum limit of the amount that can be requested on loan which can not exceed 60 thousand euros . Furthermore, also with regard to the duration of the loan it should be specified that there is a time limit setting the period of time within which the financing must be extinguished to 120 months .

How a fifth of the salary / pension is calculated

How a fifth of the salary / pension is calculated

The forms to be filled out are available online, which allow you to know exactly what the monthly payment will have to be paid back . In order to know the exact amount that you will have to pay if you decide to light a loan with the formula of the assignment of the fifth, simply fill in the required fields concerning the amount requested, the duration of the loan and the value of the monthly net salary.

In this regard it is necessary to specify that when the value of the monthly net salary / pension is requested, reference is made to the amount indicated in the pay / slip account which does not include variables such as overtime, family allowances or bonuses.

Once you have identified the net value of your salary / pension simply divide the figure by 5. For example, if I have a net salary of 1,000 euros and I want to know what would be the monthly payment, maximum payable to repay a loan with the formula of the assignment of the fifth, I will have to perform the following division: 1.000 / 5. The result, ie € 200, is the maximum value of the installment . Therefore the value of the installment may be less than 200 euros, but never higher than the aforementioned amount. All this has as its objective to protect the debtor from over-indebtedness.

Mortgage Renovation: The Best Mortgages to Restructure Home, How It Works, Offers and Advice

Mortgages for restructuring , especially in our country, still represent a financial product to which a marginal part of families decides to rely on. On a scale of about 100 loans requested, a negligible percentage, only 6%, is made up of mortgages undertaken to restructure the building . Contrary to what one might erroneously believe, the process of opening a restructuring loan is, by virtue of characteristics and characteristics, almost identical to that of a dumbly considered traditional mute.

But what are the characteristics of the restructuring loan?

But what are the characteristics of the restructuring loan?

First advantage that can be mentioned is given by the possibility that it can be requested either by the single owner or by the owners who are already in possession of the property to be treated. The second characteristic of the restructuring loan is its mere purpose , that is to expand, restructure or intervene in some points of any building that requires similar interventions . The amount that will then be disbursed by the credit institution to which it is addressed will cover variable percentages of costs that the construction company will have to implement at the time of the same restructuring. Obviously, the percentage is linked to the single bank. The more general, the percentages granted are in a range of values between 40 and 70% . The sum of money that, through the restructuring loan, you intend to ask, must be motivated through a document whose function is to certify on paper both the complete estimate of the work to be performed and a metric estimate.

The provision of the loan for restructuring can take place, alternatively, in a single solution or when the works are already in a rather advanced state. The first type of mortgage is usually provided when the work to be done on the property is of a minor size, while for what concerns those provided in advanced stages of the work the situation is relatively different. The advanced loan of the works concerns in fact works that, by their nature and by their connotations, are related to the almost total renovation of the buildings. Going even more in detail and wanting to further re-draft the figures, loans that do not exceed the sum of 70,000 euros are usually paid by a single solution. For loans that exceed this economic threshold, the outflow of money from the bank will be disbursed at multiple intervals. Whether it is a case or another, the bank will make the sum available to the borrower directly within its current account, however, only releasing the loan and only after submitting the bill of work.

Particularly this, which does not at all constitute something secondary and irrelevant, given that in this way the bank will carry to the minimum terms the risk that the subject of the silent person will default on insolvency. Before unlocking the individual parts of the loan, the bamca will gradually proceed to check, using an expert of their own trust, the real state of the work. In the meantime that the tranches are devolved from the bank, the person who has applied for the restructuring loan must pay a monthly installment amounting to 1/12 of the annual interest established at the time of signing the loan. When completed, the bank will provide the last tranche of the loan.

The best restructuring loans

The best restructuring loans

In what is the wide range of restructuring mortgages offered, the ones that turn out to be the best are:

Unicredit Fixed Rate Mortgage

It is a mortgage that sees its maximum practicality regardless of whether it is required for the purchase, subrogation or just the renovation of a building for housing purposes . The rates offered by this particular type of mortgage are as follows:
– for loans that do not exceed 10 years, the rate applied is 1.80%;
– for mortgages that go instead from 11 to 20 years, the rate applied amounts to 3%;
– finally, for loans whose duration is between 21 and 30 years, the rate that will be applied will be 3.30%. The amount of the Unicredit Fixed Rate mortgage can reach 50% of both the value of the property that you intend to purchase and the current value of the property that is placed under warranty and which must be restructured. The suspension of payment of installments, another possibility given to the borrower, may include a maximum period of 12 months. This suspension may be required only once and should not concern the last year of payment of the loan in question. Feasible is also the postponement of payment of installments , with a maximum of three installments also not consecutive between them. Last but not least, the amount of the installment can be reduced by extending the amortization plan up to 48 months beyond the original expiry date.

Mediolanum Riparti Italia

This loan, registered by Banca Mediolanum, can be requested if you hold a current account with this credit institution. The Riparti Italia mortgage by Mediolanum is a variable rate mortgage, calculated on the basis of assets: Spread + Euribor 360 at 3 months. If this last parameter is, after careful recognition, characterized by a negative sign, the annual rate that will be applied for the reference quarter will in any case be equal to the contractual spread. Those that are the fundamental characteristics of this mortgage can be listed as follows:
– the loan that can be requested can range from 4,000 up to a maximum of 100,000 euros;
– the mortgage installments can be spread within a time frame between 12 and 120 months;
– the stamp duty substitute tax is 0.25%;
– the sending of any communication from the bank is free, as well as free are the costs related to the collection of the installment;
– the optional services include a credit protection insurance policy;
– the costs of the preliminary investigation amount to 1% of the sum requested;

Domus Mortgage of Intesa Sanpaolo

Through Mortgage Domus you can choose the rate, fixed or variable, which is more suited to those that are your needs. Depending on the size of the work, you can get even over 100,000 euros . If, at the time of restructuring, the work to be carried out is small, the payment of the sum will take place at the same time as the subscription. The maximum duration of the loan can reach 30 years, with a percentage of the costs of the works that can touch a maximum of 80% . Percentage, this, which far exceeds that conferred by mortgages promoted by many other banks. When serious events arise that compromise the regular payment of mortgage payments, you can protect yourself and your home with the solutions offered by Intesa Sanpaolo Assicura. In the event that you opt for the stability of the Fixed Rate , the rates would remain unchanged for the duration of the loan, with Multi-option which, on the contrary, will give you the opportunity to choose, after 3 or 5 years, the rate to be applied later to this period. If you want, on the other hand, to enjoy the variable rate, in the Base Plan the installments are subject to variation caused by the adjustment of the indexing parameter. For the Multi-option, however, you can choose the rate to be applied every 3 or 5 years, still choosing between fixed or variable. The last option that can be listed for the Variable Rate is the so-called “interest rate cap”, a maximum or fixed ceiling on the interest rate, which may change for the entire repayment plan or only for the first fraction of the course.

How to get a Personal Loan on PostePay Evolution Card

“Mini Loan BancoPosta” is the easy and immediate loan that solves the need to have at your disposal small amounts. Thus, by streamlining the traditional process of loan application. It is a loan dedicated to those who hold a “PostaPay Evolution” card.

P The loan was designed following this idea. Needs daily but not burdensome to have to turn to standard solutions. In fact, after the successful application of the loan application, the sum indicated is made directly on the PostePay Evolution card. To apply, simply go to your usual mail office. Or any other. Is indifferent.

How is the procedure?


You have two options available to you. As said, just go to the usual post office. Here, employees will be available for each application and, if you decide for the Yes, sign the loan. Or, if you do not want to wait in the mail you can make an appointment by calling. How much is the sum that can be requested? The amount that can be requested is worth € 1000, € 2,000 and € 3,000. The repayment is set at 22 months.

Required documents and parameters

Required documents and parameters

You can request the “BancoPosta Mini Loan” if you hold a Postepay Evolution Card. If your age is between the age of 18 and if you are not 75 years old at the end of the 22 months required for reimbursement. Of course you must be a resident of Italy and have income from a profession or pension. The mandatory documents to bring with you are:

  • Valid identity card
  • Health card for the tax code
  • Documentation attesting the income

And if I’m a foreign citizen? In this case, you must submit additional documents:

  • Passport , together with “Residence Card” or “Residence Permit”, which are valid.
  • Sheet that shows your residence on the national territory.
  • Demonstration meetings that certify that you have been employed for at least 1 year in a row.

Loan grant

Loan grant

The “BancoPosta Mini-Loan” allows you to request up to 3,000 euros which, if approved, will be credited directly to your PostePay Evolution card, in a single solution. The approval of the loan is Poste Italiane’s priority. Which, if it deems it necessary, can request further documents.

Loan repayment

Loan repayment

The 22 monthly payments are not subject to flexibility. But fixed. The installment is prepared on a monthly basis directly on the “PostaPay Evolution” card or on your “Current Account”. Bancoposta, naturally. With the date of charge of the installment, at the choice of the applicant, if the day 15 or the 30th of the month.

What if you decide to pay off the loan first?

In this case, the extinction is free. In fact there are no penalties. Just return the remaining sum. Only attention to follow is to respect the 14 days of accreditation of the loan. After this time, mandatory, just go to your usual post office and pay it off.

What if there were any changes in the financing?

In the vase you changed your mind after signing and signing the loan and the sum already paid on your PostaPay Evolution you can safely enjoy the “right to change your mind”. Here too, the only attention to be paid is not to exceed 14 days after the payment of the credit solution.

But if I have no account? Neither at the post office nor in the bank?

The Mini Loan, designed and built by Poste Italiane, is dedicated to any holder of the new “PostaPay Evolution” Card. It is sufficient that you have this card with a dual function of rechargeable card and a small Postal Account, with the basic functions of a traditional account.