Best Personal Loan: Loans and Loans at the Best Interest Rate Today

You have an important goal to crown and are looking more or less assiduous on the internet information on the best personal loan, as it would be essential to get you the extra cash needed to achieve your dream?

CreditExpress Dynamic: UniCredit’s personal loan can be the solution for you

UniCredit is the second banking group in Italy. As a result, there are a number of commercial proposals in terms of personal loans and loans at favorable conditions. We recommend CreditExpress Dynamic for the occasion. What’s this? A personal loan for amounts ranging from a minimum of 2,000 euros to a maximum of 30,000 euros, repayable through an amortization plan lasting between 36 months and 84 months. In order to have a sustainable installment, UniCredit allows you to choose three options in relation to your reference needs.


  1. Exchange rate : in the face of a sudden increase in liquidity, you can decide to pay off the loan as soon as possible, increasing the amount of the installment and decreasing the number. If you have consistently paid the first 9 installments of the loan, UniCredit allows you to change the monthly payment, remaining in an area with well-defined minimums and ceilings. The option costs 10 euros and requires approval with reference to actual creditworthiness.
  2. Salto Rata : an unexpected unexpected, like the necessity of having to face legal expenses or a repair of your car, can ask you for not indifferent expenses. In order for your budget not to be affected too much, UniCredit gives you the opportunity to skip the installment. Always if you paid the first 9 installments from the provision of the personal loan.
  3. Reload Loan : do you want to get additional liquidity, because after months of work at a frantic pace, you deserve two weeks of vacation? Enjoy them with this option. Requesting new liquidity is feasible even when you have a loan in progress. The option costs 10 euro, always subject to credit assessment in terms of merit, and conditio sine qua non, so that you can use it, is that the amount requested can not exceed the principal repayment at the time when the request was made. All up to 3 times maximum and after you have paid at least 24 consecutive installments

Here are some examples of the amortization plan of CreditExpress Dynamic , according to many the best personal loan ever.

  • Do you need 4,000 euros? You can repay them in installments of 128.88 euros in 36 months. TAN and TAEG correspond respectively to 9.90% and 11.59%.
  • Again for € 4,000, if you decide to extend the repayment term to 64 months, the amount of the monthly fee falls to € 80.79. The TAN remains at 9.90%, but the APR falls to 11.18%.
  • Finally, for an 84-month repayment plan for the sum of 4,000 euros, the installments to be repaid each month are 66.60 euros with TAN at 9.90% and TAEG at 11.03%.

Insights on CreditExpress Dynamic options

The options of CreditExpress Dynamic, the best personal loan for insiders, do not end there. We report the custom round installment. Choosing a round figure, like 120 euros rather than 121.98 euros, is much simpler, because you remember in a more practical way how much you pay each month. And UniCredit allows you to do it. If you are a UniCredit account holder, you can take advantage of the automatic withdrawal on your account, so that you can not run into problems of red tape, in the event of a forgotten payment of an installment. If you do not have a UniCredit account, you can open one by making an appointment with the nearest branch. For further information on the best personal loan, I refer you to the CreditExpress Dynamic website: -days / CreditExpress-dynamic.html.

Flexible Findomestic Personal Loan

If you are looking for a personal loan, characterized by maximum flexibility, Findomestic is the solution that can do for you, if you want to renovate the house or equip it with photovoltaic panels or why not buy a new or used vehicle that is or still to deal with contingencies such as costs of medical and health care costs.
If you need 15,000 euros, just to name one, you can opt for an amortization schedule of 96 months with installments of 199 euros. Taking into account that the fixed TAN is 6.25%, while the APR corresponds to 6.43%, the amount to be repaid is 19.104 euros.

Agos Ducato Personal Loan

Agos Ducato Personal Loan

As for the variety of personal loans provided, Agos Ducato stands out for its myriad of very convenient offers. Do you want an example? Do you need 10,000 euros urgently? With a repayment plan of 72 monthly installments, TAN and APR of 4.91% and 6.28%, the amount due amounts to 11,963 euros. However, it is also necessary to pay in this sum the costs for the preliminary investigation of the practice, amounting to 200 euros.

Personal Loan Compass

Personal Loan Compass

Becoming a client of Compass, a reality belonging to Medio Banca, realizing your dreams with a personal loan is no longer an impossible undertaking. With TotalFlex the disbursement of 30,000 euros, the extension of the amortization plan and the possible advance of the debt repayment are not utopia. Take advantage of it, because you decide the monthly payment to be paid. Do you need 15,000 euros? With a number of installments between 69 and 81, TAN from 5.90% to 10.90%, TAG between 6.86% and 12.22%, pay 270 euros.


The best personal loan does not exist. Or rather, there is not one to consider the best ever, because the final choice, always subjective, is strictly dependent on individual factors, actual needs and the type of purpose. Rely on one of the many online search metas. These comparators, once you have set the filters based on your satisfaction rating, will reveal the best solutions in a single interface. You will not have to waste time on banks or financials, as the results are really just a click away.