BNL Loan, Personal Loans and Transfer of the Fifth of BNL Bank

From the purchase of a new car to a university master’s degree, to the realization of a simple and legitimate dream placed in the drawer. The needs that a personal loan must satisfy and fill are truly infinite . For this reason and for other reasons the BNL bank offers a wide and articulated range of solutions, specially designed and designed to provide prompt and valid response to any type of request or question from the customer. Online loans for example, suitable for those who need immediate cash, with the latter that will be implemented within a few minutes of the request.

Loans in the agency then, ideal natural habitat for a slice of clientele who want to be followed step by step. Finally, student loans, functional to all those parents who intend to build a bright and fruitful future for their children. Regardless of the projects you have, you can carry out a real loan simulation whenever you want, making a precise and detailed calculation of the loan you are about to receive . In this way, you will have the opportunity to better understand which of the options is the best one for you or for your family, having a complete picture of what is both the amount of the loan, and the features that build the appearance.

The characteristics that, before signing the loan, must necessarily be taken into consideration are:
– TAN , an abbreviation that indicates the nominal annual rate;
– APR , the annual percentage rate of charge, including both the aforementioned TAN and all the ancillary costs;
– the duration of the loan , which will obviously fall on the amount of the monthly payment.

Loan in Novo 1Click

Loan in Novo 1Click

The BNL loan in Novo 1Click consists of a particular type of loan that makes speed and immediacy its main feature. This loan can be requested by using the online platform , sending the general information of your document in digital form. What is the primary advantage of subscribing to a similar online loan is that there is considerable savings, if nothing else, on certain costs, including the so-called inquiry costs. Before requesting this loan, what is good and right is to keep documents such as:
1) a valid identity document;
2) a document certifying the applicant’s income . An example would be the last payroll if you are a salaried employee or the Sole Model if you are a freelance person;
3) the tax code .

The maximum amount that can be requested is € 100,000 , with the next payment being made through a transfer sent directly to your personal bank account. BNL in Novo 1Click is a loan at a fixed rate. A loan that allows you, depending on what are your particular needs, to make changes to the installment. In other words, spending the first six months of the loan gives you the right to activate the Rata and Salata Rata option completely free of charge . Using the first, you can change the economic amount that you have to send to the bank every month. Modification, this, which will affect the duration of the loan. Using the second option, however, you can skip an installment, up to a maximum of three times, placing it in the final fraction of the loan. For what concerns Cambio Rata, the following posts are established:

  • a basic installment, which is the amount that the customer chooses when he signs the loan with the bank;
  • a maximum payment, the maximum amount that the monthly payment can not exceed;
  • a minimum installment which, on the contrary, consists of the minimum amount below which the monthly payment can not go down.

To change the installment instead, Cambio Rata can be chosen by contacting the Personal Customer Area , by first clicking in the “Manage” section and then at the height of the word “manage your BNL loan in Novo 1Click”. Alternatively, you can directly contact the number 060.060 or send a simple text message to the number 339-99 41 499. The same contacts can be used for the Salta Rata, which however can not be activated simultaneously with the other option, Change Installment. Between one request and the other there is the obligation to respect the temporal terms established by the contract in place.

Dynamic Pension Loan

Dynamic Pension Loan


In this case, there is a form of financing dedicated to all those Italian pensioners who need support to give substance to their projects. The only guarantee is that of pension treatment , with installments that will amount up to a maximum of 1/5 of the sum received and with a repayment that can go from 24 up to 120 months. Through BNL Dynamic Pension Loan the pension will become the only means of sustaining the family and the realization of those that are their dreams . All this through the instrument of the assignment of the fifth. An agreement with the INPS social security institution will ensure that every applicant can receive funding characterized by absolutely advantageous interest rates. The variants of BNL Dynamic Pension Loan are substantially three, summarized as follows:

  • BNL Pension Dynamic and Sustainable Pension . In this case, the payment of the installment to be paid monthly can not exceed the proportion of 1/5 of the pension;
  • BNL Pension Dinamica Semplic e. The monthly deduction will be made directly to your pension, without any need for you to remember to do so;
  • BNL Flexible Dynamic Pension Loan. Here, the maximum amount payable is 90,000 euros, with the repayment which can not exceed 120 months. An INPS convention dating back to November 14, 2013 has provided for the provision of loans equal to the fifth of the pension, with fixed and accessible interest rates. Last but not least, however, these conditions can be extended to all pensioners, even those belonging to other social security institutions.