Findomestic Loan: Simulation, Calculation Installment and Offers for Findomestic Loans and Personal Loans

Findomestic is a company specializing in the provision of loans and loans, including ib for the consumer credit sector. Its service is divided between branches throughout the country, telephone contacts with specialized operators and institutional site where it is possible to make requests for loans and loans . In fact it is possible to have a quote quickly and simulate a loan, being able to immediately understand what the weight of the amortization will be for the return of the desired sum.

Assignment of the fifth of the salary


Findomestic granting personal loans with the assignment of the fifth salary or pension , popular formula in the consumer credit market. It consists in the disbursement of a loan and the payment of the monthly payment in relation to a pre-established sum, just the fifth part of the salary or pension. Just present the documentation , especially the paycheck or pension slip, so that we can proceed with the examination of the possible disbursement of the loan.

The request can be presented directly to an operator at a branch or by calling the toll-free number 800 254 762, or the online procedure can be activated. In this case you need to fill in the appropriate form, apply the Digital Signature, send the necessary documentation and you can easily follow the process to approve your loan application . As indicated on the Findomestic website, for example by requesting a loan of 15,000 euros , you will have:

  • TAN fixed at 5.80%;
  • Fixed APR at 5.95%
  • amortization in 120 installments of 176 euros per month, returning a total of 21,120 euros.

Furthermore, there are no fees for brokerage or investigation fees , practical management, stamp duty for periodic or replacement communications . Comparing this loan with other financial products in the sector, it is very convenient in terms of fixed interest rates and the convenience of paying in 120 installments with a monthly outlay which is a good one in the fifth salary or pension.

Personal loan without a paycheck or pension

Personal loan without a paycheck or pension


Findomestic offers a financial product called Flexible Personal Loan , which is a form of credit aimed at those who do not have a paycheck or pension and as a result can not access the assignment of the fifth. This loan implies the presentation of a different form of guarantee , but still present and essential for the approval of the request. The requirements and features of the Findomestic loan are:

 Findomestic loan

  • the amount payable must be between 1,000 and 60,000 euros;
  • is aimed at fully financing the project. In this case we mean the reason why the loan is requested. For example for the purchase of a car, the renovation of the house, furniture or for the purchase and sale of a small building;
  • you must be a current account holder;
  • the applicant’s age must be between 18 and 75 years;
  • it serves the residence within the Italian territory;
  • you can take advantage of the change installment or installment jump option;
  • a demonstrable income is needed.

As mentioned above, it is necessary that the applicant can prove that he has an income not derived from a paycheck or pension. In this case we talk about income deriving from other activities, like the self-employed through the Unico model . However, other forms of income that can be borrowed are included, which can be:

  • possession of a rental property for which a regular fee is received. In this case it is necessary to provide a copy of the regular registered contract and the receipts for the payment of the rent;
  • a divorce allowance;
  • an income deriving from investments in securities or shares, which is sufficient to the extent and duration to guarantee repayment of the loan;
  • forms of discontinuous work, such as giving private lessons, but which is demonstrable and can be a guarantee for the repayment of the loan;
  • other forms of income demonstrable and acceptable by the financial institution.

It should be noted immediately that the amount of the sum granted is obviously dependent on the guarantee provided. Even if you can request a maximum of 60,000 euros , it does not imply that the loan will be accepted if the applicant can not guarantee the regular payment of the monthly payment for the entire period of the amortization. On the institutional site there is a convenient simulator that allows you to check the possibility of the loan, just enter the amount and monthly installment.