The sales of cars in Cantabria shoot up 24,5% until September

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Car registrations in Cantabria have reached 5,825 units during the first nine months of the year , representing a growth of 24.5% over the same period last year, 7.5 points above the average increase (17%) , according to data from the associations of manufacturers (Anfac), dealers (Faconauto) and sellers (Ganvam) made public this Wednesday.

In this way, Cantabria ranks as the third community in which registrations have increased the most from January to September after Canarias (40.8%) and Aragón (24.6%).

However, in the ninth month of the year, 652 passenger cars were registered in Cantabria, which represents 14.6% more than in the same month of 2013, more moderate growth after Castilla y León (12%) and more than eleven points lower than the average increase (26.2%).


In the whole of Spain, vehicle registrations stood at 640,673 units in the first nine months of the year, representing an increase of 17.2% over the same period of the previous year and the highest growth rate among the main European markets.

This progression occurs after the registrations reached 57,010 units in September, 26.2% more, driven by the PIVE Plan.

In a note, associations Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam explain that, with the increase in September, are already thirteen consecutive months of increases in registrations, which brings the sector closer to the annual goal of 850,000 units for the whole of 2014.

Although the market is still 30% below 1998, when 1.2 million units were registered, the car is the only Spanish sector able to grow at double digits. In any case, “the risks persist”, warn the associations of the sector.

“The figures are still far from the potential levels of the Spanish market, which per capita income and economic development should approach 1.2 million units,” say the associations, before identifying the PIVE as “one of the most effective tools to boost consumption and the economy. ”

In fact, this incentive plan for the purchase of vehicles is presented as a “tool” that can “dispel” the “economic uncertainties” still present in the sector, they point out.

By channels, the individual once again leads the growth of the whole market. The PIVE Plan 6, which has consumed more than 50% of the funds, allowed a total of 36,610 units to be registered in September, with a growth of 27.6%.

Until September, this channel showed a growth of 21%, with a volume of 342,797 units. Six out of ten cars that were registered in September came from this channel.

On the other hand, the business channel continues with the positive trend and increases its registrations by 17.5% in the month, with 17,323 units. It is the ninth month of consecutive growth of this channel and accumulates an increase to September of 11.6%, with 154,672 units.

On the other hand, the channel of renting registered in the month of September 3.077 units, 76.5% more. In the first nine months of the year, this channel accumulated an increase of 15.1%, with 143,204 registrations.


The director of Communication of Anfac, David Barrientos, stressed that “the car market in September again grows above 20%, becoming the main indicator that pulls Spanish private consumption, thanks to the good progress of the PIVE Plan”.

“We are still far from the potential levels of the Spanish market, there is a retained demand and also a deficit of renewal accumulated during the time of crisis.The objective of this year is to reach 850,000 units.We are on the way, but we must be more ambitious and recover the level that for economic development and potential correspond to Spain, “he said.

For his part, the president of Ganvam, Juan Antonio Sánchez Torres, said that “sales are advancing at cruising speed, that is, with a constant and uniform rhythm”, which will allow closing the year in the “optimistic” environment of the 875,000 units, that is, 21% more than a year before.

“We are still talking about levels 30% below the pre-crisis environment but symptomatic of a near recovery, encouraged by the forecasts of GDP growth for this year, the pick-up in consumption and some credit opening, although the ‘scoring’ ( guarantees to grant financing) for the purchase of car is still still high, “he said.



The president of the employer’s association Faconauto, Jaume Roura, said that “car sales in September have returned to be better than expected, and the important thing is that it does not stop consolidating, although little by little, the market” .

“Dealers expect this trend to continue in the last quarter of the year, in which the sales we make to families and individuals will continue to account for close to 60% of registrations and increase at a double-digit rate,” he said.

GarcĂ­a Egea announces that Pablo Casado will return to the Mar Menor and asks Ribera to ask him before criticizing the lagoon

García Egea announces that Pablo Casado will return to the Mar Menor and asks Ribera to ask him before criticizing the lagoon

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, “will return and bathe in the Mar Menor.” The Secretary General of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, has said this in a clear interview with the agency Europa Press, in which he affirms that he bathes himself every day in the salt lake with his three-year-old daughter. “I bathe this summer and I did the past,” he said.

In his opinion, “those who today speak badly of the Mar Menor do a disservice to the region, to the merchants and innkeepers of the area and to themselves, because the Mar Menor is better than ever”, we have managed to reverse the situation that existed a few months ago, “its transparency and indicators have improved a lot”. So he invites those who criticize the Sea Less to send a message “and I will accompany them to teach seahorses as irrefutable proof that the Mar Menor is more alive than ever.”

Teodoro García recalled, along the lines, the critical tweet of the Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, towards the lagoon, as soon as she arrived at the position. According to the ‘popular’, the minister has not seen the lagoon “or through the table – of large dimensions – that I have in my office.” Thus, he invites him to, before speaking of the Mar Menor, “come and ask those of us who bathe there and enjoy it every day”.

Regarding water, Teodoro García has announced that in the coming weeks they will announce the National Water Pact in which the PP works, which affects all the autonomous communities, stressing that “in Spain there are dozens of transfers, not only the Tajo-Segura “, and what is needed” is to better manage water resources but also to invest in new water infrastructures that guarantee that the ceding basin has the necessary water and that the receiving basin makes the most of it “, which in Murcia and Levante “is guaranteed”.

García Egea believes, in such a way, that the National Water Pact is “more necessary than ever” and “that we all agree on how water is managed and that it is not an element of distortion.” Thus, he assured that from the PP of Pablo Casado “we bet for the interterritorial solidarity that we have always defended and a National Water Pact with clear, objective and scientific rules that respect the rights of citizens in both the transferring and receiving basins. “



As for the next election, the deputy of the PP for Murcia in the Congress of Deputies has said that “today the party that can serve the best Murcia is the PP.” In fact, he argues that it is “the only option” for “any Murcian who wants his voice heard in Madrid and for the party to have weight at the regional and national levels.”

In this sense and in the case of the PSOE, he argues that all the bets that have been made at the national level “have not gone well”, and “we have seen other parties that do not end up in society, because, in the end, although the PSOE has tried to snatch the confidence of the Murcia to the PP, they have not succeeded. “

According to Teodoro García, “everyone today shows that the PP is the favorite for Murcia, because we have known how to renew ourselves and carry out a quiet renewal, combining experience and youth”. Thus he recalled that Fernando Lopez Miras is the youngest president of the country, and in his case, that he is the youngest secretary general in the history of the PP “and that does not mean that we have people of great experience who have accompanied us throughout This weather”. For this reason, he believes that “the PP of the Region today has the possibility of continuing to enjoy the majority confidence of the Murcians”.

Asked if there are ruptures within the PP in Murcia, before the fact that the former president of the regional government and the PP, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, bet for Soraya Sáez de Santamaría to be at the head of the party, has indicated that, after the Congress , “we are all from the PP”, adding that “here what was demonstrated is that Fernando López Miras was one of the autonomic presidents who had the best political sense, positioning himself, first, with the candidate who finally won”.

As for the PSRM-PSOE, Teodoro García considers “he lives in the same cloud as Pedro Sánchez with the latest CIS survey” and that having paralyzed the AVE and his arrival in the Region, as well as the Mediterranean Corridor, “will do in a few months that the PSOE touches again the electoral floor in the Region “.

On the fact that the Ministry of Public Works has tendered for more than 290 million works that will complete the integral burial of train tracks in Murcia, the ‘popular’ explains that the PSOE has tendered, with more than 30 days of delay, the same project that had prepared the PP for the arrival buried underground High Speed. “The only difference is that the AVE will not arrive by the provisional route, as planned, but trains will continue to arrive, the road and the wall will continue to exist.”

The only thing that will not exist is the catenary “through which a provisional AVE could connect us to Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid” because “the burial is exactly the same as that raised by the PP, nothing has changed, they have simply prevented the AVE arrives. ” In addition, the socialist government “will incur significant costs for citizens canceling the AVE as planned by the provisional route.”

In this regard, Garcia Egea has assured that the AVE has been delayed a lot, “too much,” for a Region “that yearns to be connected by High Speed, and not only for Murcia, but also will suffer Elche, the Vega Baja of Alicante and Almeria ” Thus, he has assured that for the PP, the AVE and burial are “inalienable”. If tomorrow we acceded to the Government, “we would continue with the burial but we would also bring the AVE”.



Teodoro García has defended the fact that the PP at the national level has more Murcian accent, which can mean something good for Murcia but also for other regions “with which we share sensitivities”, but it is not only about solving the problems of the territories, “above all, it’s about solving people’s problems” and that means making decisions.

To the thread, it has affirmed that the Government of Pedro Sanchez “will be a government that takes out chest of everything what Mariano Rajoy has done these two years”, thus, has criticized, “when it comes to inaugurate in January the International Airport of the Region of Murcia, he will not have made a single decision about the future of the airport because they were all taken months ago. “

After what has been said that there will be flights in mid-January that connect the International Airport of the Region with northern Europe. “We are seeing how Mr. Sánchez is going to dedicate to inaugurate works by Mariano Rajoy in the Region of Murcia and to get rid of the positive economic data of the PP period in the Government,” he warned.

On the model of regional financing, the secretary general of the PP has ensured that the current model “does not please anyone” because “it consolidates inequalities, does not take into account the idiosyncrasies of the territories, the actual provision of services or new citizens that have been incorporated to the CCAA “.

Finally, in statements to Europa Press, he recalled that the PP raises the recognition of the actual provision of Education or Health services, respects the idiosyncrasies of the territories “but that inequalities do not consolidate as the financing system advances” .


Digital University for all

It is not about the university closing the door


Traditional universities also upload to the cloud . Offering degrees or distance courses is the only way, they say, to guarantee access to higher education throughout the planet. And more when the demand for training grows at an unprecedented rate. The more than 1,100 presidents of 33 countries gathered in Rio de Janeiro these days point to online education as part of the solution to this new challenge.

The III International Meeting of University Rectors, promoted by Banco Santander, analyzes the future of the university, its most pressing challenges and needs from an Ibero-American point of view. “In this changing world, the university needs to renew its teachings to adapt to new students and social demands, it is the part where we are most delayed,” says Marco Antonio Zago, rector of the University of São Paulo.

Unesco estimates that by 2025 there will be 80 million more people who will want access to higher education, especially in emerging countries. To meet this demand, it would be necessary to create three universities per week with a capacity for 40,000 students over the next twelve years, says the entity.

But in a context of economic crisis and cuts, the rectors are aware that this will not happen. How to respond then to all these new students? Through distance education , according to university officials.

“Internet, WhatsApp, Twitter, mass and open online courses – Moocs – are innovative proposals that have broken down the barriers in the dissemination of knowledge, are advances that facilitate the creation of a new society, where the presencial and virtual intermingle (…), the Ibero-American university should exploit the possibilities of this education more open and accessible, “said Emilio Botín, president of Banco Santander, during the opening of the meeting, which has become the largest university forum in the world. This change of course would allow the campuses to compete internationally in attracting students and “respond to the training demanded by the new generations of young people who enter the university,” added the president of Santander.

It is not, they said yesterday during the debates of the meeting, that face-to-face universities close the door and go exclusively to the digital world, but to offer several options, combining face-to-face classes with virtual ones depending on the needs of each country and of the type of student. “A part of education must always be face-to-face, to promote social skills and personal interaction,” agree the rectors of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Enric Fossas, and Rovira i Virgili, Josep Anton Ferré.

However, higher education changes its format. The University of Barcelona (UB), which also participates in the Meeting together with 61 other Spanish universities, will open its first offer of official titles online in September. It is one of the first face-to-face universities in Spain and Latin America to offer this option. It is about the degree of Design and of the masters of Psychopedagogy and of Territorial Planning and Environmental Management. They will be taught in Spanish, because the UB wants to attract Ibero-American students -the titles have also been chosen with the needs and demand of this region in mind.

In Brazil, where the meeting is held, only 17% of the population between 18 and 24 years of age studies in the university, compared to 30% in Spain, but in a decade the number of students in higher education has doubled until reaching the seven million, a figure that is expected to continue rising. Brazilian universities believe that distance education would help to absorb this demand, especially for students who live in remote areas.
The ability to reach any place is what Hans Peter Knudsen

<br /><br />The ability to reach any place is what Hans Peter Knudsen

rector of the Colegio del Rosario University (Colombia), values: “For a country like ours, with such a complex geography and universities concentrated in large cities, training digital will allow us to reach a large population that would otherwise not have access to higher education. ”

In this line, Spanish and Ibero-American universities will start distributing open and free courses in MiriadaX, the Mooc platform in Spanish and Portuguese that Banco Santander and Telefónica have created. In this meeting, the first data of the platform was presented, launched in a pilot way a year and a half ago, with 133 academic programs that 33 Spanish and Ibero-American universities already offer and in which more than 750,000 students have registered. And that still does not work 100%.

Apart from access to higher education and the role of technology, the more than a thousand directors gathered discussed other fronts open at the university. The first, that of university funding. Many governments have cut investment in higher education, such as Spain – and the Government of the Generalitat – while others, such as Germany, have increased it. At the meeting, the opinion of the majority of rectors coincided in asking for a greater contribution of public funds in the universities, which are considered insufficient.

This model was also claimed by the Ibero-American General Secretary


Rebeca Grynspan. According to this, a basic and superior education accessible and financed by governments is essential to reduce poverty and social inequality. He also claimed, as do all the rectors, an increase in patronage.

In this case, Banco Santander has become the largest patron of the university environment. During the last four years, it has invested 594 million euros in the form of agreements in 1,159 universities through its Universia network. And it has promoted mobility scholarships for 15,000 Ibero-American students. Recently, the Minister of Education, José Ignacio Wert, proposed to promote loans to university students to finance their studies, which would increase the private effort to pay for training to the detriment of public aid.

They can get training staying in property simply online connection.

Exceptional school creating tasks are generally a little more complex in comparison to center school homework. It demonstrates to become a difficulty to finish the essential college article in specified moment. While at essential school pupils research just how to prepare yourself for the useful existence and illustrate their abilities to handle the little dilemmas of life, like a significant college essay. Continue reading “They can get training staying in property simply online connection.”

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Mayor Bloomberg went to view the area and also gave a press conference followed by reports various other City and Con Edison officials as well as something and answer period. The mayor stated during the meeting that the water elopes from rain was designed to run on the roads first rather than to flow into residential environments.

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